5 Favorite Ways to Homeschool With LEGO®

I’m not sure we could successfully homeschool without LEGO® bricks.

(I write this jokingly, but there is some element of truth to the statement.)

LEGO® learning can take place across all subject areas, ages,  and interest levels. LEGO® bricks will speak to a child when nothing else will, and sometimes they help make a breakthrough to understanding a critical math or science concept.

Over the years I have written extensively about LEGO® in our homeschool. It would take you a few hours to sort through all of the goodness there.

Want the short version of my LEGO® experience?  Here you go… the following are five ways I have had great success with these pesky (but oh so wonderful) little bricks in our homeschool!

Homeschool with LEGO®: Keep Little Hands Busy

LEGO® bricks can be used during read alouds, while you are busy working with siblings, or just when you need to get a few things done.

Give your child a prompt such as “Can you build a scene from the story we are reading?”  or “Build me something silly, scary, funny, etc…”

Ask your child to build a scene from the time period in history you are studying, or a holiday that is coming up.

Tip:  It really helps to be able to take your LEGO® bricks from room to room.  Or, keep a stash of bricks in the rooms where you spend the most time.

Homeschool with LEGO®: Inspire Creative Writing

One of the most successful writing activities in our homeschool is always LEGO® writing prompts.

Simply use these prompts to get your child’s creative juices flowing. I have so many to choose from in the LEGO® area of my site – enjoy!

Homeschool with LEGO®: Cement Geography Knowledge

This is SUCH fun!  Recently, my son has started doing LEGO® continents. By simply putting a picture of the continent in front of him, along with some basic bricks from LEGO® Education and large base plates, he is able to recreate continents.

Another super fun activity is to make LEGO® Landmarks. Find a flashcard set of world landmarks (or simply look them up online) and have your child recreate them in LEGOs.  So simple and effective!

Homeschool with LEGO®: Make Math Fun

By their very nature, LEGO® bricks are mathematical.

A huge hit in our homeschool was LEGO® Candy Math.  (Yes, they make candy shaped like LEGO® bricks – and you can even build with them, too!)

We have also built a Pi Skyline with LEGO® bricks, too.

Start a LEGO® Club or Class

BY FAR the best co-op class I ever taught was a 10-week LEGO® class.  We learned about different building techniques, had speed builds, and even learned about famous pieces of art through LEGO®.  You can download those FREE LEGO® class plans and teach the class yourself!

We have also started a LEGO® club – nothing fancy, but a TON of fun.

Many people also aren’t aware that LEGO® Education makes specific materials for homeschoolers. We have used these materials in our LEGO® club – everything from storytelling and robotics to math and science. This is a huge resource for homeschoolers.

Do you have a LEGO® fanatic in your homeschool?

Do you use LEGO® bricks to enhance learning?  I’d love to know your ideas, too!  

Mary Prather

About the author

Mary is the author of a site with abundant ideas for LEGO® learning, Classical Education, and general homeschool encouragement. She is also the owner of SQUILT Music Appreciation, a curriculum for Pre-School - Middle School, designed to make learning about beautiful music EASY and FUN. She is the mother of a high schooler and middle schooler and is a recovering public school teacher and administrator.

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