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Equipping teenagers with the skills necessary for adulthood is the ultimate goal of every parent. Don’t just wing it, hoping your kids naturally absorb these survival skills. Instead, use the Life Skills Reimagined online course to be sure you cover every essential aspect of adulting. It’s an organized and comprehensive program created to equip teens with what they need before they leave the nest.

Essential life skills with LYFT Learning

LYFT Learning believes that combining a life skill program with online deliverability can aid more teens and social service organizations around the world to increase confidence and offer the kids the tools they need to be self-sufficient and live independent lives.

Their program, Life Skills Reimagined, covers a broad range of topics from independent living, to communication and relationships, and even getting/keeping a job or managing their finances.

“Our product, Life Skills Reimagined, is a learner-centric, online platform revolutionizing life skills education for youth and adults working towards self-sufficiency.”

LYFT Learning

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Features of Life Kills Reimagined

Life Skills Reimagined is a unique product incorporating holistic life skills in an easily-deliverable format online, with animations and real-life examples.

  • accessible from everywhere, even offline
  • online checks and printable worksheets
  • animated lessons
  • comprehensive reports
  • designed for a wide cognitive range of learners (including the sight- and hearing-impaired)
  • support for ESL Spanish speakers

An accessible life skills program

Life Skills Reimagined is an accessible online life skills program that aims to educate teens about the most important life skills in an easy-to-digest manner. Parents appreciate the format of this program and how helpful having an organized curriculum for life skills can be.

“As a busy mom, my favorite thing about Life Skills Reimagined is that I don’t have to fight my teen to do the lessons. She actually enjoys them and understands that these are topics that aren’t easily taught, without an effective curriculum.”

– Tiffany, Homeschool Hideout

“I love the fact that my teen is learning from someone other than me. With life skills, I feel that it’s too easy for our kids to think that what we’re telling them is irrelevant.

Overall, I really enjoyed this program and am having my older teens go through several modules. […] I appreciate the opportunity to build their skills at home before they have to encounter them as adults.”

– Megan, Education Possible

“One of our homeschool goals is to raise our kids for success beyond our home, to launch them for adulthood.  […]   When we need a little help there is Life Skills Reimagined […].  Their full-year program equips students for success at 18 and independence in the real world. “

– Cynthia, Inside Our Normal

“Life skills are a necessity for everyone. There are many skills that I feel like I struggled with in my young adulthood, and I don’t want that for my children. Life Skills Reimagined helps to teach teens life skills that empower them to live happy and healthy lives independently.

– Christine, Blooming Brilliant

Beyond the Basics with Life Skills Reimagined

This program goes beyond basic life skills, making sure kids are trained for all sorts of situations from handling communication at their workplace to dealing with loans or their relationships. Parents love how organized Life Skills Reimagined is.

I really like the topics covered. […] While many of these are topics we’ve covered in theory (price comparison), we haven’t covered it in a systematic approach.

The lessons use a combination of different ways to present the materials and each unit reviews the materials, tests for mastery, and then gives next steps.”

– Ticia, Adventures in a Messy Life

“I was impressed with Life Skills Reimagined from the beginning. […] I realized right away that this course covered some essential skills that non-neurotypical kids often miss

[…]Those skills that some kids just seem to “pick up”?  Our non-neurotypical kids don’t. And the skills taught by Life Skills Reimagined are especially critical for them.”

– Leah, As We Walk Along the Road

“My 16-year-old daughter in particular has been full of questions about adult life […] Life Skills Reimagined from LYFT Learning has been the perfect opportunity to explore these questions and more, giving her an up-close look at the responsibilities of life after full-time education! “

– Lynna, Your Large Family Homeschool

Practical and flexible

Life Skills Reimagined is fun and flexible, giving teens the opportunity to explore the concepts they are curious about at their own pace. The animations make this program easy to navigate while relaying important, practical information to them.

“The entire course is online and set up in such a way that your teens will know exactly what is expected of them, and how far along they are.

Life Skills Reimagined takes the guesswork out of teaching these key life skills. Since they have it all laid out by life skill, and broken down into small tasks under each life skill, you don’t have to worry about missing anything!”

– Heidi, Starts At Eight

“I recommend adding Life Skills Reimagined
to your curriculum choices today if you’re homeschooling teens. I think just about any teen will benefit from learning these life skills in this practical format.

My daughters have been learning a lot with Life Skills Reimagined, in a different way than other life skills we’ve covered. It has brought up some great discussions, which is always a good thing!”

– Sara, Heart and Soul Homeschooling

“This revolutionary new curriculum is designed to teach kids essential life skills in a fun and engaging way.

If you’re looking for a new homeschool curriculum that will teach your kids practical life skills, then I encourage you to check it out [..]”

– Richie, Homeschool and Humor


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