Using STEM Activities in Your Homeschool

What is STEM? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. How can you introduce STEM activities into your homeschool without adding more to your plate? Take your science lesson and add technology, engineering, and mathematics. Your science lesson is instantly transformed into a STEM activity.

Using STEM Activities in Your Homeschool

But that doesn’t necessarily sound all that easy now does it? It sounds like something else to add to your lesson planning. Let’s make it easier.

Homeschool STEM

STEM is incredibly homeschool friendly, and you are probably already doing it without thinking about it. It is simply the belief that science, technology, engineering, and math should be taught together as often as possible. STEM tends to be more hands-on, like learning to work with electronics.

Some simple ways you can include STEM at home:

STEM During Science Lessons

You can build onto the lessons that you already do by asking questions, (which I would guess you are already doing!) and encouraging your kids to be inquisitive. No matter how many times they ask “why”, answer them to the best of your ability. Asking why is how kids learn more and more about a topic that interests them, or about how something works.

STEM Activities in the Kitchen

The easiest way to incorporate STEM in your homeschool is by getting in the kitchen with your kids. Meal prep is full of science. Melting points. Bases and acids. Expansion. Compound and changing base forms. These are all examples of science that you can learn while cooking.

STEM During Playtime

Movement is in everything we do. Embrace this thought and take the kids outside. Simple activities such as throwing a ball, a foot race, water balloon fight, or a game of golf are all reflections of the laws of physics.

Items that promote creativity are great for playtime. PlayDoh, LEGO’s, GoldieBlox products, cardboard boxes, Duct Tape, wooden blocks, etc. keep kids engaged and learning.

STEM Activities and Reading

Go to the library and check out books on topics that interest your kids. Coding from Scratch is popular in our house right now. It teaches my kids in step-by-step instructions how to create websites, games, and other projects.

There are also amazing books about kids in STEM activities, like Iggy Peck Architect, Lab Girl, and The Fourteenth Goldfish.

STEM activities teach kids the following skills:

  • Problem-solving
  • Choosing the right tools for a job
  • How to work as a group
  • How to apply creative thinking to technical problems
  • Integrating several school subjects at once
  • How to deal with failure
  • Work ethic
  • Data recording
  • Logic

The benefits of STEM education go far beyond just the lesson of the day.

Fun STEM activities to try

Ashley Mullen

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Ashley Mullen is a Canadian secular homeschooler. She shares homeschooling tips and tricks for homeschooling and parenting, as well as hands on learning opportunities for all subjects.

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