10 Christmas Activities for Homeschooling

December is one of my favorite times of year to change things up and have fun veering off our normal homeschool path. That’s why we include Christmas activities in our homeschool plans whenever possible. This holiday season we’ve stayed busy with mixed media Christmas art and Christmas Around the World. Now that those projects are winding down, we can add some other things to our December homeschool mix.

Cool and Amazing Homeschooling Ideas for Christmas

We’re sharing our favorite, best, cool and amazing Christmas homeschooling ideas for you to incorporate into your holiday season with your family. Homeschool moms, we all know that even when we take an official break from school work, learning never ends. We can instruct, guide and inspire learning every single day. Learning happens best when children are interested and engaged. They are never more engaged that during the Christmas season.

Would You Rather? Christmas Edition

The Christmas Edition of Would You Rather? contains 40 clever, thought provoking questions for of all ages. Kids of all ages LOVE Would You Rather? questions! This booklet is full of 40 thought-provoking questions centered around Christmas. Here is a sampling of what you’ll find in this printable.

Christmas Around the World

Christmas in Scotland from Amy at Milk and Cookies Christmas In Germany from Amy at Rock your Homeschool Christmas in Ireland from Michelle at Homeschool Your Boys Christmas in Puerto Rico from Marlene at A Diligent Heart Christmas in Italy  from Emily at Table Life...

10 Unique Homeschool Field Trips For Multi-Age Children

It may seem difficult at first to plan unique homeschool field trips for multiple ages. Some homeschool groups determine that separate field trips are best. That can be one solution, but most families have multiple ages of children and want their kids to learn together.

Christmas Gift Guides 2016

“Just hear those sleigh bells ringing and jing, jing, jingling…” Oh you know when the music is playing it’s time to get shopping. It’s the holiday season. A time for family, a time for friends, a time to fill the stockings with goodies and treats galore. This week we’re sharing with you our best gift guides for the whole family. You’ll discover gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Top 10 Blogs for Homeschool Science Inspiration

As a writer, scientist, and homeschooling mom, my passion is to share tips and tools for homeschool science. And I do so on my podcast and our company blogs, but I am not the only one out in the cyber-sphere who shares inspiration for this subject. Today, I want to share with you all ten blogs you can check out to glean some homeschool science inspiration.

5 Days of Christmas Hopscotch 2016

It’s time for tinsel, cocoa and glittery packages to abound. It’s time to turn our focus to family and time together in our homes. We wanted to offer you some Christmas inspiration which is why we are doing a 5 Days of Christmas Hopscotch.  That means that each of the bloggers below are sharing a Christmas themed post for five straight days, starting today.

100 Things for Homeschooling & Families

We know you love a treasure trove of homeschooling and family ideas. Which is why we are bringing you another fabulous list of 100 Things!  When you dig into this one, you’ll discover that each blogger has pulled together a stockpile of ideas, information, goodies, and not to mention resources for you to ponder over.

8 Easy Ways for Homeschoolers to Avoid Holiday Overwhelm

Christmas can be a magical time. The decorations make our house look festive, there are often yummy smells in the air, our hearts are full as we contemplate giving to others, and our kids are on their best behavior. Well, they’re on their best behavior when they remember they should be. Unfortunately, Christmas can also be a stressful time. We have many extra demands on our time, there are multiple family commitments which make our weeks hectic, and we often feel like we have to maintain a frenetic pace to keep up.

Reasons Why Kids Should _____

Sometimes as moms we need some good advice. Often though we many not even know we need it until it comes along and then we realize that that bit of counsel was just the thing we needed to resolve an ongoing issue. Experience it the best teacher! Which is why our experienced homeschool mom bloggers are sharing their reasons why they think kids shoud ______. They’ll each fill-in-the-blank sharing their advice, opinion, and solutions for resolving various issues.

8 Advent Traditions You Should Adopt in Your Homeschool

Every family has very unique holiday and Advent traditions that are often passed down through multiple generations. Our family is very culturally diverse and we have adopted a great deal of them. We are one of those families that really goes all out. Every single year. We’ve been known to overwhelm and even scare some of our friends. With that in mind, I’d like to share some traditions we’ve adopted though the years, and hope you do too.

13 Reasons My Sons Are Thankful For Homeschooling

Ever since making the decision to homeschool 9 years ago, I’ve found many different reasons to be thankful for this journey. But is it all about my gratitude? Of course not! Here are the 13 reasons my 12- and 13-year-old sons revealed for being “eternally grateful for the opportunity to be homeschooled”.

7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving In Your Homeschool

Homeschooling during the holidays can be tough! There is so much excitement in the air with thoughts of family and good times to be had. Take the time to plan ahead and include fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in your homeschool. You will be so thankful that you thought ahead and found ways to engage your kids as you prepare for this holiday.

Birthday Lessons in November

The bloggers of the iHomeschool Network have teamed up to create fun and original unit studies on fascinating people who were born in November. This project has been going on for several years, so you can see both new studies and ones created in previous years!

Homeschool Mom Me Time: Making Time for Yourself

As homeschool moms we rarely get time away. “Me time” is desired, but not frequent. The kids need to be driven to activities, taught how to read, and comforted when life doesn’t go their way. That doesn’t mean we don’t need time to ourselves. We need the time to regroup, recharge, and prevent homeschool burnout.

What Blogging Has Taught Me about Myself

At iHomeschool Network we are over 150 bloggers dedicated to both homeschooling our children and blogging about our experiences. Through our work we’ve learned a lot, from how to set up a website, manage the ins and outs of it, and how to interact with to those...

Bringing Computer Science to Your Homeschool

Imagine providing a subject in your classroom that your students can’t wait to study. Tell your kids they can learn how to create their own computer games, apps, and websites and watch their eyes light up. You will not have to twist any arms to get those homework assignments finished. Instead of sitting around playing video games, your students could be learning the skills necessary to write their own!

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