Everyday Tools for the Homeschool Mom

Everyday tools can simplify organization, planning, or the teaching process. As homeschoolers we’re always looking for tools that can make our homeschooling life easier. This is especially true for tools that serve multiple purposes and fulfill needs in other areas of life. Sometimes if you think outside the box, an item bought for homeschooling can do double duty in other areas of the home.

STEM Engineering For Kids

With such a huge focus on STEM education these days, today I want to focus on the engineering aspect of STEM and give you some ideas for teaching Engineering to young kids. Why teach engineering at a young age? Kids love building things and are natural-born builders! You have probably noticed that already in your own kids. They love blocks, tinker toys and LEGO bricks. The great thing about this is they are already excited and ready to learn more about it!

10 Quick Tips on How to Enjoy the Great Backyard Bird Count

Every year for the past twenty years people around the world have contributed to a better universal understanding of bird numbers and movement by counting birds in their very own backyard as part of The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC)! The GBBC can be a ton of fun for homeschoolers of all ages. There is no major commitment, no fee, and no professional knowledge necessary to participate.

Random Acts of Kindness for Librarians

One of the best memories I have about high school is being in the school library. I still love books and I still love the library. When we think about community service workers, I’m not sure we usually think of our librarians, but that is really what they are as they provide a huge service to our communities. If you frequent your local library, you probably consider your librarian your friend as well.

Easy Valentine’s Day DIY for Kids

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and my kids love to get involved in making Valentines for their friends. These cute DIY Valentines can be given to friends at extracurricular activities, enrichment groups, or even to neighbors! Making Valentines can be a good way to teach kids about appreciating those around us that may get overlooked on a day-to-day basis.

10 Fun Indoor Games with Balloons

Having a few indoor games ready to pull out of your back pocket can be a lifesaver on a cold winter day. These ten fun indoor games will have you and your children laughing away the winter doldrums. All you need is a balloon and a few supplies you already have around your house to kick cabin fever out the door.

How to Homeschool at Disney World

One of the things I love most about homeschooling is the ability to school wherever you go, and for us that includes Disney World! Since the girls were tiny we have made an annual trip to the happiest place on earth, and once we started homeschooling it just made sense to use some of our fun vacation time as learning time. Disney World is an amazing place and chock full of learning opportunities for both kids and adults, and many times the kids don’t even realize that we are learning as we go! Here are some great ways that you can add some fun learning on your next Disney Trip.

45 Black History Month Resources for Homeschoolers

Each year during Black History Month, I search high and low for resources that will help me teach my kids about their culture and history. Although we talk about it often in our home, there’s just nothing quite like reading an account of our forefathers’ struggles and successes, watching a video, then creating a lapbook about it all. These kinds of hands-on activities make learning about our heritage come alive for us. Among these resources are printables, documentaries, video and audio clips, apps, and curriculum.

My Favorite Posts for 2016

Last week we shared our most popular posts for 2016. These were the ones that were most popular with our viewers. This week we wanted to share the posts that were our own favorite posts for 2016. As bloggers many times we write from our hearts, share our joys, frustrations, or life lessons and while they may not be the most popular posts, they truly speak to our own hearts. These are the ones we are sharing with you here.

Homeschooler’s Guide to College Visits

When the oldest was still in diapers, we started a college fund for him. From the moment he began to toddle about the house, the fantasies of where he might attend college flitted through our minds. Then the worrying began. We worried about costs, ACT scores, college preparatory classes and dual enrollment. But through all of it I was looking forward to the day we would drive our little boy to his first college visit.

Why Your Homeschool Student Needs a Bullet Journal

I was so excited to start homeschooling. New curriculum, new supplies, the smell of sharpened pencils. Unfortunately, the newness wore off pretty quickly. It was replaced by confusion and frustration. I was keeping every students tasks to complete in my head. Not just their tasks but also their progress. How many more lessons until the next unit? How many letter sounds do we still need to cover? Which book are we reading this week? On and on.

Is Standardized Testing Necessary for Homeschooled Students?

The purpose of standardized tests is to assess the academic achievement of students. I don’t know any homeschooling parents who don’t care whether their kids are learning and growing in knowledge. The question is, do we need a ‘standardized’ test to assess this learning? If you’ve been pondering the question of whether or not to have your homeschooled kids participate in standardized testing, there are several things that you should consider while making your decision.

iHN Bloggers’ Most Popular Posts from 2016

We’re sharing our most popular posts for 2016. We understand that homeschooling moms are busy women. Whether it’s planning the ultimate field trip, working the nursery room at the co-op, or organizing your weekly lesson plans it’s sometimes hard to fit it all in. Add to that the balancing home, family and in some cases jobs and it can feel as if you’ll never get caught up.

Homeschool Mother’s Journal – January 2017

Homeschoolers we are bringing back to iHomeschool Network Homeschool Mother’s Journal. When the network first began we hosted a weekly link-up for homeschool bloggers. We provided the prompts, homeschool bloggers from around the blog-o-sphere provided the inspiration for other homeschoolers through their weekly journals.

Exercising for Homeschool Moms: Why I Have a Trampoline In My Bedroom

If you’ve watched my Day In the Life video, you saw me jumping on a trampoline first thing in the morning. This is something I try to do for a few minutes every morning I usually put a song and and bounce until the song is done. But Why? Exercising for homeschool moms is a crucial step in daily well-being.

5 Self-Care Tips for Homeschool Moms

Right about now, after all holiday hustle and bustle, we may be wishing for a solo vacation! Can you imagine such a thing as extended time alone? Particularly at this time of year, it’s important for homeschool moms to consider self-care practices. Attending to our well-being helps us be better mothers and teachers. For me, self-care right now will not include a solo retreat. I am guessing it may not for you either.

5 Ways to Know if Your Homeschool Year is Working

Each December, I see the families around me enjoying the hustle and bustle, baking cookies, and trimming their home for Christmas. I get an extra dose of excitement, as I take the opportunity to see if my homeschool year is working for my family. Is there something I should change going into the new year?

How to Manage Homeschooling with Gems from Amazon

Amazon is a marvelous place to find super deals. It’s incredible what you can find there nowadays, from books, to Prime, to pantry and all around the home or office you will discover just about anything you can imagine. Which means it’s the ideal place to find homeschooling gems that you need, want, or can’t live without. Especially, if you are on a tight budget.

Motivating Reluctant Homeschool Writers

When you’re homeschooling your children, you leave them with great flexibility about the way they are learning things. You allow them to discover their interests and dig deeper into the concepts that leave them in awe. If you realize they are lagging behind on the coursework, you focus on filling in the gaps in knowledge. However, there’s a serious problem that most homeschooling parents come across to: encouraging their children to write. You can motivate them to read when you find interesting online resources that trigger their hunger for knowledge.

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