Marketing Products through Blogs

Blogs transform the power of traditional word of mouth endorsements into a twenty-first century powerhouse of influence.

Traditional advertising is easy to ignore or avoid altogether. When people want information about products, they take the initiative and “Google it.” The issue then for a company is what people find when they do that Internet search. Blog posts about your product show up in search engine results and offer consumers the facts and opinions they need to make a purchasing decision.

Over half of consumers will read through three or more search result pages. (source) The blog reviews done with iHomeschool Network are search engine optimized so that detailed, helpful reviews by our bloggers show up in those first pages of search results.

Blogs are generally perceived as trustworthy because they are owned by individuals rather than businesses or corporations.

Statistics have verified the effectiveness of blogs to influence behavior. A 2011 study found that 53% of American, female blog readers have made a purchase on the basis of a blog recommendation. The rate is even higher for women who spend more time online. (source)

Reviews Plus Action

The blog posts in an iHN campaign can cater to your special marketing plan. What do you want visitors to do? Actions could include

  • like your Facebook page
  • opt in to a newsletter list
  • follow you on Twitter
  • shop from your website

iHN blog posts can invite readers to act in those ways. When you contact iHN for a proposal, communicate your priorities to us so that we can craft a perfect blog blitz for you.

Blog Posts Go Beyond the Blog

The bloggers of iHN are active on social media – the places women relax in their free time and consult for advice. As part of the blog blitz package, the iHN bloggers will promote their review and giveaway posts on a variety of social media outlets:  Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. As the blog readers do the same, buzz intensifies and reputation grows in an organic and natural way.

Paying for Product Review Blog Posts

What about the ethics of paid reviews? Doesn’t compensation skew the review and violate the trust of the reader? No. The established bloggers of iHN have already proven themselves trustworthy to their loyal followers. Their reviews will be honest and will include a clear disclosure, as required by law. The majority of readers do not begrudge a blogger’s receiving compensation for her time to use a product and craft a detailed review.

Admittedly, a blog blitz is more expensive than a Facebook party or a Twitter party. And there is an important reason. Besides being far more work to put together, blog posts create searchable content that potential customers see for years afterwards. Twitter and Facebook posts essentially disappear from view after the initial buzz has faded. The search engine optimized blog posts created by iHN bloggers will be found by potential customers researching your product.

Contact us today for our rate sheet for blog blitzes. Then let us draft a proposal tailor-made to fit your overall marketing strategy.