Personalized Emails: Examples from iHN Campaigns

At iHN we provide an alternative to the one-shot pricey eblast that can cost you thousands of dollars a pop. With the iHN network, you get an assortment of multiple emails written by a variety of bloggers and sent to different lists of varying sizes.

Although you provide details about your goals, messaging, landing page links, offers, etc., the bloggers will craft a unique and personalized message that will resonate with their specific subscribers.

Why Not Cut/Paste HTML Eblasts?

With few exceptions, we don’t accept cut and paste HTML. Why?

1. Most of the bloggers simply don’t like them. When the client provides the entire email, the messaging isn’t authentic.

2. Readers don’t respond as well to cut/paste HTML. Because a client-provided HTML email is not in the blogger’s voice and doesn’t reflect the look of the blogger’s typical emails, the subscriber instantly realizes it’s a marketing message and is turned off.

3. They can be hard to get exactly right. The bloggers use a variety of email marketing systems (EMS), each of which can render HTML slightly differently. If you want formatting in a precise way, it will be hard for us to accommodate. We are content creators not email formatters.

Eblasts for the Homeschool Market

Here are a few email examples from iHN email campaigns. Click any image to see the webarchive of the actual email.

LuvBug Learning Email Campaign 2022

Trekking Through History Email Campaign 2022

Education Perfect Email Campaign 2022

Great Bend Center for Music Email Campaign 2022

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