Testimonials from Happy Clients

Thank you! We’ve been very happy with [our blog post campaign]. The reviews are so thorough and high quality; I am truly impressed! It is clear that the bloggers spent extensive time with the product. Their detailed explanations are thoughtful, helpful, and authentic. I was also delighted at the enthusiasm they all showed and the great pictures.

Leslie Omana Begert

President & Co-Founder, FabuLingua

“In regards to the entire blog campaign, I could not be any happier with the quality of blogs. We have gotten a lot of traffic on our website from the campaign. It hasn’t translated into a lot of sales quite yet. But we are getting a lot of questions and calls from parents, and the first step of getting into a new market is to get our name out there. With that being said, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the entire blogging team!!! I absolutely love partnering with you!”

Jeff Steinberg

Co-owner, PDX Reading Specialist

Jimmie runs such a professional and efficient team! I was so impressed by the organization, promptness of responses and friendliness. We enjoyed meeting fantastic and like-minded bloggers through the campaign and also learnt so much about our own business, how to improve our products and services and how to move forward in the growth of our business. Thank you Jimmie and team for a great campaign!

Karyn Collett

Owner and Author, Case of Adventure

“We are still getting traffic to our website from blog reviews that were done 3 years ago, so our iHN campaign is by far the best measurable marketing tool we have ever used. On top of that, these reviews actually increase our SEO, too.”

Nathaniel Bessent

IT Coordinator, Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

I’ve been nothing but impressed working with Jimmie and iHomeschool Network.  I engaged her company to market my new homeschool product and the entire process was professional and seamless.  She recruited 8 bloggers who wrote incredibly well-written, persuasive blogs and shared their reviews on their social media sites.  Once the reviews hit social media, I saw an instant return on my investment. If you want to get the word out about your homeschool product in a very targeted fashion, this is the place!

Nicole Thomas

Owner, Nicole the Math Lady

“Working with a blogging network works differently than how we typically partner with individual influencers, but we have been pleased with the outcome. iHomeschool Network impressed us with the high-quality posts and with the seamless, detailed, and organized process. iHN saved our marketing director countless hours of recruiting and organizing a campaign so she could focus on other projects. We are already working on our next project with iHomeschool Network and look forward to another successful campaign.”

Shawn Sabouri

Shawn Sabouri, Vice President, Teaching Textbooks

“[iHN] made the process so simple. If I were to work with ten individual bloggers, I would have to get ten different sets of materials ready, pay ten different bills, remember ten different blog post times, etc. I would probably get bogged down after setting up five. But with [iHN], I barely had to do anything and achieved an even better campaign. You picked out bloggers who were genuinely interested in our products. I only had to put together one set of materials, and the posts were all beautiful!”

Faith Welch

Common Sense Press

As a consultant, my job is to bring the best ideas and teams to my clients. The team at iHN consummate professionals. They really know their market and how to provide top of the line service. They have repeatedly matched my clients with the best bloggers to meet project needs, and the content received is stellar. The return on investment has exceeded expectations multifold. I highly recommend iHomeschool Network and refer them often.

Susan Gold

Executive, Susan Gold Consulting

“iHomeschool Network reviews are definitely a solid marketing investment. Thank you for your level of professionalism and all you do to serve families and companies. It was very apparent that the blogger team put their hearts into our reviews. The time alone to take the photos and include them in the posts had to be great.”

Michelle Moody

Marketing Director, Apologia

I have to thank iHomeschool Network for providing an absolutely worthwhile service. My blogging team’s high quality posts provided personal insights to influence and engage the readers. Each one was crafted so well that they don’t look like marketing, but they work to make my brand stick in users’ minds. I am already seeing improvement in my search engine results!

Sada Siva

Owner, KidzType

I am completely blown away by the quality of all of these posts. As we’ve never tried anything like this before, I didn’t know what to expect. I am so pleased with the quality of the writing, the photos, the layouts and the care and creativity that so obviously went into each of these blog posts. I’m delighted to have found iHN and cannot wait to work with you all again.

Kathleen Rourke

Executive Director of Educational Sales and Marketing, Candlewick Press

iHomeschool Network provided a fantastic program for us to get the word out about our digital world language programs for homeschool families. The variety of word-of-mouth opportunities including a Twitter Party and Google Hangout generated enthusiasm about world languages. We particularly liked the review campaign in which 20 homeschool moms used our courses, wrote reviews, and shared their children’s learning on social media. These reviews were complete with extensive and specific feedback as well as, my favorite, videos of their children using our courses! This type of organic outreach has had a tremendous impact on our homeschool business. We can’t thank Jimmie, Amy, and iHomeschool Network enough!

Erin McCormick

Director, Marketing & Communications, Middlebury Interactive Languages

iHomeschool Network is an amazing group of bloggers! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of working with Jimmie, Amy, and the bloggers of iHN for my product reviews and a Google Hangout on Air. The reviews were professional: well written, pinned to Pinterest, and done on schedule. The specific feedback from each of the bloggers who reviewed my product was very helpful for marketing. The Hangout on Air was my first ever, and, to say the least, I was a little nervous, especially about the technical side of it. Jimmie patiently walked me through the process, smoothing the way for a great video experience. She also provided some essential follow up resources to maximize the use of the video. I am now enjoying the many online relationships formed through iHN and capitalizing on them to further grow my business.

Becky Muldrow

Owner, DUAL CREDIT at Home

I found the blog posts supplied by the iHomeschool Network presented a diversified range of age groups that were very engaged with our products. The authenticity of the experiences and the creative ideas generated by the bloggers when using our product spurred ideas within our marketing department on how to improve our presentation of educational products to homeschoolers. We’re also taking into consideration comments on what worked well, what didn’t, and why to help us improve future products. The buzz created by the social media coverage of the bloggers definitely increased our website traffic. The discount and giveaway we offered their readers also increased the momentum of the campaign. I will definitely work with iHN on future projects and highly recommend them to anyone looking to reach the homeschool audience.

Angela Williams

Consumer Marketing, Dover Publications, Inc.

The owners and bloggers of iHomeschool Network have their ears to the ground when it comes to blogging and social media marketing. Over the years, my business has invested in a variety of marketing campaigns. iHomeschool Network’s unique and tailored marketing approach brought us qualitytargeted results. I highly recommend this team to any publisher looking to connect with the homeschool community. If you want to build your reputation, gain quality traffic and new customers, or just get your feet wet with social marketing, the iHN team will work with you and for you to make it happen. So far, we have worked with iHN via social parties, networking with their bloggers, and on blog hops. I look forward to future blog blitzes and other events and highly recommend their services.

Debra Reed

Owner and Publisher, Productive Homeschooling (Formerly NotebookingPages)