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product reviews versus sponsored posts iHomeschool Network

iHomeschool Network can provide either product reviews or sponsored posts. Depending on your product or service, your budget, and your schedule, one may suit your campaign better than the other. Here is a general outline of the differences.

Product Reviews

In a review, the blogger uses the product over the course of several weeks. In her post, she gives a detailed and personalized review of it. Her post includes original photos of the product (or service as best as possible).

  • Product reviews put your product in the limelight. Everything in the post is focused on your product.
  • Potential customers search for product reviews to verify your product as a worthwhile purchase.
  • A single product review usually generates multiple pinnable images for Pinterest.
  • Product reviews take longer to create due to the personalized nature of the blogger’s post.
  • Product reviews work best for tangible products, but we can review a service as well.

Example Reviews

Heritage History — Product review
Kidzmet — Product review
Art in History — Product review
Home School in the Woods — Product Review
Kings of Israel — Product Review

Sponsored Evergreen Posts

In a sponsored post, the blogger writes an article with valuable content that refers to the product. The content would stand alone without the reference to the brand (whereas the review could not). The sponsored post is a more subtle and organic mention.

  • Sponsored posts are typically informational, how to, or list posts.
  • Sponsored posts are often faster to create than a complete product review.
  • Sponsored posts work well for service oriented businesses.

Example Sponsored Posts:

Side by Side Examples of Reviews Versus Evergreen Posts

Take a look at these two posts from the same campaign. Both are promoting the same Desk Atlas of the United States but do it in different ways.

REVIEWDesk Atlas of the United States by Mama Jenn

EVERGREEN CONTENTA Simple but Effective US Geography Study by Pam Barnhill

Here is another example of two posts from campaigns for Mr. D Math

REVIEW: Homeschool Pre-Algebra With Mr. D Math by Amy Milcic

EVERGREEN CONTENT: 6 Tips for Homeschoolers Transitioning to High School Math by Krista Romano


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