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Famous Birthdays in July | Free Unit Studies | @iHomeschoolNet | #ihsnet

The bloggers of the iHomeschool Network have teamed up to create fun and original unit studies on fascinating people who were born in July. This project has been going on for several years, so you can see both new studies and ones created in previous years!

Dave Thomas
Born July 2, 1932
Unit study by Sharla at Adoption Magazine

Stephen Foster
Born July 4, 1826
Unit study by Judy at Contented at Home

Calvin Coolidge
Born July 4, 1872
Unit study by Sallie of

Rube Goldberg
Born July 4, 1883
Unit study by Eva at

P.T. Barnum and James Anthony Bailey
Born July 5, 1810, and July 4, 1847
Unit study by Eva at

Nettie Stevens
Born July 7, 1861
Unit study by Eva at

Elias Howe
Born July 9, 1819
Unit study by Heather at Blog, She Wrote

Tom Hanks
Born July 9, 1956
Unit study by Joan at Unschool Rules

E.B. White
Born July 11, 1899
Unit study by Ami of Walking by the Way

Julius Caesar
Born July 12, 100 BC
Unit study by Lauren at Mama’s Learning Corner
Unit study by Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom

Henry David Thoreau
Born July 12, 1817
Unit study by Tricia at Hodge Podge
Unit study by Heather at Blog, She Wrote

George Eastman
Born July 12, 1854
Unit study by Heidi of Starts At Eight

Harrison Ford
Born July 13, 1942
Unit study by Joan at Unschool Rules

Erno Rubik
Born July 13, 1944
Unit study by Eva at

Rembrandt van Rijn
Born July 15, 1606
Unit study by Alisha at Masterpiece Society
Unit study by Christine at Fruit in Season

Roald Amundsen
Born July 16, 1872
Unit study by Eva at

Nelson Mandela
Born July 18, 1918
Unit study by Tiany at Social Savvy Mom
Unit study by Amy at Adorable Chaos

Gregor Mendel
Born July 20, 1822
Unit study by Eva at

Ernest Hemingway
Born July 21, 1899
Unit study by Eva at

Amelia Earhart
Born July 24, 1897
Unit study by Sara at Embracing Destiny

Rosalind Franklin
Born July 25, 1920
Unit study by Eva of

Beatrix Potter
Born July 28, 1866
Unit study by Erin at The Usual Mayhem
Unit study by Lara at Everyday Graces
Unit study by Jodi at

Henry Ford
Born July 30, 1863
Unit study by Mary at The Encouraging Home

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Born July 30, 1947
Unit study by Joan at Unschool Rules

J.K. Rowling
Born July 31, 1965
Unit study by Mary at Homegrown Learners
Unit study by Emily at Table Life Blog

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