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Famous Birthdays in November | Free Unit Studies | @iHomeschoolNet | #ihsnet

The bloggers of the iHomeschool Network have teamed up to create fun and original unit studies on fascinating people who were born in November. This project has been going on for several years, so you can see both new studies and ones created in previous years!

Daniel Boone
Born Nov. 2, 1734
Unit study by Amy of Life as Lanhams
Unit study by LaToya of

John Philip Sousa
Born Nov. 6, 1854
Unit study by Karyn of Teach Beside Me

Marie Curie
Born Nov. 7, 1867
Unit study by Erin of Nourishing My Scholar

Robert Louis Stevenson
Born Nov. 13, 1850
Unit study by Erin of The Usual Mayhem
Unit study by Tonia of The Sunny Patch

Robert Fulton
Born Nov. 14, 1765
Unit study by Heather of Blog, She Wrote

Claude Monet
Born Nov. 14, 1840
Unit study by Alisha of Masterpiece Society

Georgia O’Keeffe
Born Nov. 15, 1887
Unit study by Alisha of Masterpiece Society

President James A. Garfield
Born Nov. 19, 1831
Unit study by Heather of Blog, She Wrote

William “Billy the Kid” Bonney
Born Nov. 23, 1859
Unit study by Jenny of Faith and Good Works

Charles Schulz
Born Nov. 26, 1922
Unit study by Emily of Table Life Blog
Unit study by Ticia of Adventures in Mommydom

Howie Mandell
Born Nov. 29, 1955
Unit study by Melanie of Psycho With 6

Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain
Born Nov. 30, 1835
Unit study by Tatiana of The Musings of Mum
Unit study by Heather of Blog, She Wrote

Sir Winston Churchill
Born Nov. 30, 1874
Unit study by Joan of Unschool Rules

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