Back by popular demand, we’re bringing you our Book and a Big Idea Spring Edition.

Book & a Big Idea Homeschool Unit Study Spring Edition | #ihsnet

What is a Book and a Big Idea? It’s when we provide you with a fun idea or unit study idea based upon a book that you can incorporate into your homeschooling. This time our theme is centered around spring. Yes, spring really is just around the corner and we want to help you to get a head start by planning ahead for it.

Spring is a great time to get the kids outdoors for learning. By incorporating great books surrounding spring time you can expand a literature study into a science nature study, or history, or Bible, or… you get the idea. Whether you are just looking for a fun hands-on way to encourage your kids to remember the learning or you want to dig deeper into a study of your favorite spring book, these ideas will help you get started.

15+ Book and a Big Ideas


What’s your favorite spring time book? How are your expanding learning opportunities using the books your kids are reading?