Homeschool Strewing

Just by itself homeschooling can make everyday learning rich and interesting, but homeschool strewing is the sprinkles on the cake! Strewing is allowing your child to discover something you have casually left out for them to find.

Practical Tips On How To Homeschool Your Hands-on Child

Do you have a child is always on the move and enjoys hands-on activities and play-acting? Homeschooling your hands-on learner also known as a kinesthetic learner can be difficult at first, but it gets better when we change our mindset on how we think “school” should look like in our “home” school.

Unique Homeschool Children, Unique Needs

A child’s basic behavioral style can be broken up into the same DISC profile model which corporations have been using for years to identify unique needs. Therefore, I asked myself… “Why not use it for homeschooling?”

Five Simple Ways to Maximize Homeschool Learning

We’ve all seen it – the glazed over look of children who have checked out, completely disengaged. And then we have seen those moments when our children come alive, voraciously learning. Here are some simple things we can do to maximize homeschool learning.

Getting Started Homeschooling Confidently

Getting started homeschooling may seem scary, but it doesn’t have to. Whether you are starting in preschool or high school, teaching 1 child or 7, getting started homeschooling may feel like learning a foreign language to some. Let me reassure you it doesn’t have to be that difficult.