Product Reviews on Homeschool Blogs – What to Do With Them

Product Reviews on Homeschool Blogs – What to Do With Them

You know that you need reviews, and you found bloggers to write them. But there is more you can do to capitalize on those reviews and get the most from your investment in them.

Use Them in Social Media

  • Share the posts via Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.
  • Remember that people like pictures, so share photos from the reviews as well as links.
  • Share quotes from the reviews.
  • Whenever you share the posts or images, do your best to mention or tag the blogger so she gets credit. Plus the blogger might reshare your share!
  • Create a Pinterest board just for reviews.
  • Pin the reviews across the relevant Pinterest boards on your company account.

Use Them on Your Site

  • Pull quotes from the reviews and include them as testimonials on your site. (Link back to the original post, of course.)
  • List the reviews on a separate page on your site or alongside product descriptions. Remember the power of images, and include a thumbnail or full-size image taken from the post. (Check with the blogger first; most will be happy to allow you to use their image.)

Use Them in Your Newsletter

  • Feature a review in your monthly newsletter.  Use an image from the post, and share a teaser excerpt that leads the reader back to the bloggers’ post. (Remember to ask permission of the blogger if you use her image.)
  • Interview a blogger who reviewed your product and link to her review.

Connect With the Bloggers

  • Reach out to the bloggers and thank them for their outstanding review or any traffic they send your way.
  • Make a circle on G+, a list on Twitter, or an interest list on Facebook of the bloggers who review your material. Promote and comment on their work.
  • Offer them preview copies of new releases of other products (no strings attached).
  • Build a relationship with the bloggers in your review team. Find ones that can serve as long-term brand ambassadors.
  • Recruit homeschool reviewers to do social media work for you such as managing a Facebook page, setting up a G+ profile, creating Pinterest boards, or tweeting for your company.
  • Get marketing advice from the bloggers or ask for feedback about your product.

Use them Long-term

  • You can share a review more than once! Cycle them through your social media content, sharing them periodically. You are constantly getting new followers. Showcase your reviews to them.


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