Homeschoolers on Google+

If you are an early innovator, you probably already have a profile on Google+. If you aren’t, what are you waiting for? G+ is a unique platform that blends the best of other social media networks into one. Get a profile now.

iHomeschool Network invites you to link up right here on this list of homeschoolers on Google+. (Don’t miss our link ups for Pinterest and Instagram, too.)

You will need to link to your profile URL. Here is some help finding that.

How to Find Your Google Plus Profile Link

  1. Go to Google Plus, and click on Profile in the left hand column. (See #1 in the screenshot below.)
  2. Then click on the About tab below the band of images. (See #2.)
  3. Now you can copy your profile URL from the top of your browser and add it here to the link up. (Yes, the link is long and ugly.)
  4. Wait a minute. Is your profile bare? Maybe you should fill it in first and make it look great before linking up.

 Link Up Here


Disclaimer: iHomeschool Network does not condone the content on every G+ account listed here. This page is a courtesy to the homeschool community.

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