Top Benefits of Homeschooling For Christian Families

Today, I am going to be sharing with you several reasons why our family chooses to homeschool. Over the years, I have found several benefits of homeschooling as a Christian homeschooler.

Top Benefits of Homeschooling for Christian Families

I have been a homeschool mom since the very beginning with my oldest daughter. With three beautiful children, it has been such a wonderful blessing to be able to homeschool my children. I have found that many of these Top Benefits of Homeschooling for Christian Families are shared among many like-minded Christian homeschoolers.

Biblical Worldview

Homeschooling with a biblical worldview means that Christ is at the center of everything thing…even the little things. The number one way to incorporate a biblical worldview into homeschooling is by taking every opportunity to point our children to Jesus. Homeschooling also allows us to choose our curriculum so that it lines up with our biblical worldview. 


We believe that education is a form of discipleship and is part of the process of preparing our children for life and eternity. For us, homeschooling with a biblical worldview means that education and discipleship go hand in hand because it is the relationship between parents and their children. God gives us clear instructions for this model and how we are to raise and educate our children in Deuteronomy 6:6-7. 

Building Relationships

We spend a lot of time together as a family. This gives us a great opportunity to learn how to love our closest neighbors, who are each other. Taking the time to nurture and build family relationships will last a lifetime and also puts many of the Fruit of the Spirit into practice daily. 

Character Training

As parents, cultivating our children’s hearts with God’s Word helps build their character. But being good examples to our children is important too. That’s why studying God’s Word as a family as well as personal bible study for your children is crucial. Incorporating family worship and catechism as ways to help disciple our children. 

Academic Advantage

Homeschool students typically score higher in national standards than their public school peers. I love that my children can learn at their own pace without worry or stress, which makes learning more enjoyable for them. I am able to personalize my children’s education to meet their needs, learning styles, and interests.    

Freedom & Flexibility

We homeschool year-round on a 4-day week. Our children typically finish all their school work in less time than a traditional public school schedule. This allows us to have the freedom and flexibility to schedule extracurricular activities, vacations, doctor appointments, play dates, etc., without conflicting with school studies. 

Homeschooling has been such a beautiful journey for our family. I pray that these top benefits of homeschooling for Christian families bless you! 

Kimberly Steenbergen

About the author

Kimberly is a wife and homeschool mom of 3 and loves to help encourage moms to cultivate their homes with joyful intention through Biblical motherhood, homeschooling, artful homemaking on a dime, and family discipleship.

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