Embracing Homeschooling for the Gifted Middle Schooler: A Homeschool Mom’s Perspective

As a homeschooling mom to a gifted middle school student, I’ve embarked on a unique educational journey filled with both challenges and rewards. Nurturing the intellectual curiosity and potential of a gifted child requires a tailored approach that traditional schooling often struggles to provide. Here, I share my perspective on homeschooling a gifted middle schooler and the profound impact it has had on my child’s academic and personal growth.

Embracing Homeschooling for the Gifted Middle Schooler: A Homeschool Mom's Perspective

Tailored Curriculum

One of the greatest advantages of homeschooling a gifted middle school student is the ability to tailor the curriculum to meet their specific needs and interests. Rather than adhering to rigid grade-level standards, we have the freedom to explore advanced topics, delve deeper into areas of passion, and accelerate learning at a pace that suits my child’s abilities.

My son fell in love with human anatomy after taking an online stem class called Lab Rascals. The host invited a surgeon whose specialty was cardiomedicine. My son immediately made the decision that his goal was to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. What did this mean for our homeschooling? We were about to embark on a new journey of learning.

Flexible Learning Environment

Homeschooling offers a flexible learning environment that adapts to my child’s unique learning style and preferences. Whether it’s incorporating hands-on projects, immersive experiences, or independent research, we have the freedom to customize our approach to ensure maximum engagement and intellectual stimulation.

I am type A personality and I attended both private and public school and I quickly had to set aside my own way of thinking to suit his. I had to do even more setting aside and learning some real patience. My son could be working on a math problem and all of sudden mid calculations he would start talking about human anatomy and some show he saw on television a month ago. Then he would need to stop what he is doing because something he mentioned sparked his curiosity and the rest of the day was consumed with this research and need learn more.

Enrichment Opportunities

Homeschooling opens up a world of enrichment opportunities for gifted middle schoolers. From specialized online courses and mentorship programs to community college classes and extracurricular activities, we have access to a wide range of resources that cater to my child’s advanced academic needs and foster their love for learning.

My son has outgrown the typical science curriculum we knew early on that he loved science he needed a more in depth look, so we had to search out enrichment classes for him. He also decided that he needed as many medical books as we could give him. He inhales medical books when someone asks me about gifts for him I tell them just give a gift card or anything medical related. This upcoming school year he has requested MCAT items so now I am budgeting for these things.

Individualized Attention

One of the most significant benefits of homeschooling is the individualized attention my child receives. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, I can provide personalized instruction, guidance, and support tailored to my child’s strengths and areas of growth. This focused attention allows for a deeper exploration of complex concepts and fosters a deeper understanding of academic material.

I think one of the misconceptions of gifted children is they excel at everything. There is a huge difference between high achievers and gifted children. My son is notably gifted in certain academic disciplines, but he struggles with executive functioning skills. He needs more one on one time with me some things I can let me go at it alone, but then others he needs me to be there with him not because he can’t do it he just needs that interaction.

Social and Emotional Support

Homeschooling provides a supportive environment where my gifted middle schooler can thrive both academically and emotionally. By nurturing a strong parent-child bond and fostering positive peer interactions through homeschooling groups and extracurricular activities, we create a safe and supportive community that celebrates my child’s unique gifts and talents. My husband is introvert and I am both introvert and extrovert. My son is combination of both but he leans more on the extrovert. What does this mean for us? We need a healthy balance in order for him to thrive.

Holistic Development

Beyond academic excellence, homeschooling allows us to prioritize our child’s holistic development. We place a strong emphasis on cultivating creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence, equipping my child with the tools they need to succeed not only academically but also in all aspects of life.

Homeschooling a gifted middle school student is a rewarding and transformative experience that empowers both parent and child alike. Through a tailored curriculum, flexible learning environment, enrichment opportunities, individualized attention, social and emotional support, and a focus on holistic development, we create a nurturing educational environment where my child can thrive and reach their full potential.

DeShaun Silas

About the author

De-Shaun Jordan is the founder of Little Learners Mom Consulting and Little Learner and Mom Homeschool Blog. For the last 8 years, she has exclusively homeschooled her son.

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