Homeschool Books for Every Interest in the Family

Books are thrilling, informative, and take us to imaginary worlds. Everyone is different. Every child is different. So finding books will resonate with your kids can be a bit daunting. Isn’t it thrilling to know that whatever your child’s interests are there are ways they can learn and be inspired through great literature?

Homeschool Books for Every Interest in the Family

Discover six ways the you can find books for every interest in the family. By sharing some of the ways that iHomeschool Network bloggers are meeting the needs of their own family’s, I hope that you’ll find inspiration for your own kids’ reading pursuits.

Studying The History of Science with Beautiful Feet Books 

Do you have a child who is fascinated with all things science? Are they seeking to expand their knowledge beyond the basics and want to dive into everything there is to know about science? Try the history of science books from Beautiful Feet.

“Can you think of a better way to teach science than by living books and hands-on experiments? I certainly can’t. I was blown away by the quality of the curriculum. It’s amazing!” – Sara at Classically Homeschooling

History of Horses with Beautiful Feet Books

History can be hard to teach. Especially when you have a child who is fascinated with something else. Misty explains how her daughter is an animal lover and loves horses. And, she shares how the History of Horses with Beautiful Feet Books has allowed her to feed her daughter’s passion while still teaching her history.

“We are now four months into the program and the results? More than I could have ever imagined.” – Misty at Joy in the Journey

Around the World with Beautiful Feet Books

Not every child is ready, or willing, to start the process of school. That doesn’t mean they can’t learn, it just means moms have to get creative. Rebecca shares how she’s encouraging her kids to learn about the world through reading books.

“Imagine my delight to find an early elementary curriculum that travels around the world: Around the World with Picture Books. My kindergartner has loved the chance to explore different countries, just by reading books and doing similar, related projects.” – Rebecca at Line Upon Line Learning

Do you have a child who loves Fairy Tales, Steampunk, and Magical Realism?

When a kid lives near a creek you can be sure they’ll enjoy exploring and imagining. They’ll live out their imaginations through play. Whether it’s a stick becoming a sword, or a few stepping stones across the creek leading to worlds unknown. The five titles that Ginny shares from Candlewick Press help her kids trace the origins of fairy tales, steampunk, and magical realism through reading great, kid friendly literature.

” We’ve had a blast digging into these amazing kidlit titles, tracing the presence of fairy tales, magical realism, and steampunk elements through them all..” – Ginny from Not So Formulaic

Exploring Nature with Illustrated Children’s Books from Candlewick Press

Most kids love to be outdoors, but it’s not always convenient to BE outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fill their need to explore nature. In fact, you can do a bit of at-home prep work by studying about nature, then, when you head out into the great outdoors, they’ll be able to be on the look out for things they’ve learned.  Erin shares which books she found from Candlewick Press that help her kids to study nature.

“Maybe you have had a full day of hiking and exploring, and now your children want to extend their exploration of nature with books? Or you may want to simply strew these fantastic books around your home and see where your children’s interests will lead” – Erin from Nourishing My Scholar

Adventure Stories for Middle Grade Girls

Girls of all ages love adventure stories. These are marvelous stories that reintroduce stories read by American girls a century ago to young women today. These Aunt Claire Presents, published by Laboratory Books, bring to life the history of another era.

“When my middle daughter got her hands on these books her eyes lit up! She loves vintage things, and the history saturated stories intrigued her” – Betsy at Family Style Schooling

Have a Reader Who Prefers to Listen to Great Audiobooks?

My son isn’t a voracious reader, much to my disappointment. He is a good reader, but he prefers to read non-fiction books. That doesn’t stop me from introducing him to fabulous fiction literature. I do this through marvelous audiobooks, like the Adventures in Odyssey books. These fun stories offer more than a simple fantasy story, they teach character development in a subtle way.

“Through storytelling they’ve set the scene on several adventures that portray the variety of emotional responses often seen in young teens” – Renée at Great Peace

What are some of your family’s favorite types of books? Are they enjoying flying adventures or historical fiction? Do your kids prefer scientific or futuristic exploration? Share with us what your kids are reading by telling us in the comments below.


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Renée Brown is a homeschooling mom to her advanced learning son, blogger, author, and she works online as a virtual assistant. She writes regularly on her blog about homeschooling an only child gifted learner, home and family life, developing and strengthening Christian marriages, and encouragement for living a Christian life.

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