Cool & Amazing Homeschooling Ideas for Christmas | #ihsnet

We’re sharing our favorite, best, cool and amazing Christmas homeschooling ideas for you to incorporate into your holiday season with your family.

Homeschool moms, we all know that even when we take an official break from school work, learning never ends. We can instruct, guide and inspire learning every single day. Learning happens best when children are interested and engaged. They are never more engaged that during the Christmas season.

There is so much that can be taught during this time of the year. Perhaps it’s life lessons about serving others, or how to make a pie. It might be a nature lesson while ice skating at the park. Whatever you are doing you can look for ways to homeschool even when it’s not an official homeschooling day.

This week we’ve gathered 30 links for your reading pleasure each with Christmas homeschooling ideas for you to consider for time with your kids throughout the holiday season.

Some fun ideas on these blogs isn’t there? What are you doing to inspire learning during the holidays? We’d love for you to share your Christmas homeschooling ideas in the comment section below, or hop over and join us on our iHomeschool Network Facebook page for homeschooling conversation throughout the day.