Easter Sign Language: The Easy Way to Make Your Easter Awesome
Easter time is my favorite time of year. It’s the best time for new things, growth, and improvement. What better way to enjoy springtime than by learning new Easter signs in sign language?

You’re right, there’s not much better.

Sitting around the dinner table is my kids’ favorite time to ask me how to sign some new word they just thought of. As we pulled out the Easter decorations they wanted to learn anything they could think of that went along with the decorations or the things they learned about in church. It turned out to be an hour long vocabulary quiz for me and lots of fun for the kids.

Even better, we had great teaching opportunities pop up during this impromptu learning session.

It’s the best thing to see your kids love a foreign language and try to use it as much as they can, especially when they are using words they are invested in learning.

My kids have been going everywhere signing their new Easter signs to anyone that will look at them for longer than 2 seconds. True story!

Two videos for you

One video has religious Easter signs. The other video has fun Easter signs. I separated them for two reasons. One, the video would be pretty long if they were all together. Two, some families don’t like the commercial aspect of Easter and some families are not religious. This way, you can watch the video and learn the signs that fit your family’s beliefs and don’t have to watch the video you’re not interested in.

Of course, no one will slap your hand if you decide you want to watch both videos!

How to watch the videos

  1. Pick the video you want.
  2. If your kids are younger, you may need to be with them to help form those little fingers and hands the right way.
  3. Warm up your shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers. Just take a few minutes to get them moving and warmed up.
  4. Turn on the video!
  5. Pause after each new word and try the sign. If you aren’t sure you’ve got it right, just rewind and watch it again. Do the sign until you’ve got it right!
  6. When you get to the review portion you may be ready to sign along with me. I sign them pretty quickly, so don’t get discouraged if you’re not quite there yet.
  7. You can also mute the video and watch the signs. Say each sign out loud as you see it being signed.

You don’t have to watch the whole video in one sitting either. Just take your time and enjoy. Be sure you know each sign correctly before moving on to the next sign, video, or activity.

The Fun Signs

The fun signs are great to use not only during Easter, but in your every day conversations. From the list of new signs you’ve learned is a great opportunity to identify your favorites and decide which new ones you’d like to learn.

Did your son really love learning the animal signs? Did your daughter enjoy the food signs? Now you can go to my free ASL lessons and check out food and animal signs.

You could also use these signs to incorporate in your next unit study, or to add depth to the lessons that are going on in your homeschool. It’s so much fun to just add a few new words in a different language to various lessons. Plus, it’s so easy!

The Religious Signs

The religious signs are a great way to talk about various gospel topics in your home. Use them during your daily devotions, in your memorization, and any other way you incorporate your spiritual studies into your home and homeschool.

We had a great discussion on resurrection, Sunday, and crucifixion when my kids learned those signs that night. Their comments on what we discussed and their feelings towards these concepts were so tender and sweet.

Easter Signs: The Easy Way to Make Your Easter Awesome

Goodies for you

I’d encourage you to use these videos to not only use to learn ASL, because hey, I love ASL, but also to integrate into your various studies and daily life.

You’re going to love it and soon become an ASL addict! There’s no cure for that. 

I’ve made a fun set of free worksheets for you! There’s matching, crosswords, word searches, and practice sentences. See how well you do recognizing the new signs you’ve learned. I’ll bet you do fantastic.

Grab the FREE worksheets here (click the pic):

Easter Signs: The Easy Way to Make Your Easter Awesome Worksheets

Sentences to practice your Easter signs

Religious signs sentences:


Fun signs sentences: 


There may be some signs in these sentences that you don’t know. Don’t fret! I’ve got your back.

Here’s a list of videos I have that you can watch and learn these signs (and more) so you can sign these sentences with ease. You’ll want to watch the time, color, emotions, places, and questions videos.

I told you, you’d become an ASL addict! I was right, wasn’t I? Are you ready to master the ASL alphabet? I’ve got a collection of videos and a workbook just for you to not only make sure you’re signing each letter correctly, but to get you ready for the important (and tricky) skill of fingerspelling.
Have a fantastic Easter!

What was your favorite Easter sign?

P.S. Don’t forget to grab your FREE worksheets!