What is a Fairy Garden?

A Fairy Garden is a small container garden or a small cultivated space near a tree with miniature sized plants and elements, the purpose of which is to be a place for fairies to live. Fairies can be hand picked and placed in the garden. Or the habitat can be built so that fairies will visit when no one is looking.

As fairies do.

The Benefits of Planting a Fairy Garden

Benefits of Planting a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardening is an enchanting way to experience many concepts.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Horticulture– the science of growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers
  • Plant Compatibility– what plants get along well and which ones have needs so different, they can’t be planted together
  • Caring for a garden– on the small scale
  • Entry level gardening– for those new gardening
  • Urban and suburban gardening– and option for families who lack the space for bigger projects
  • Elements of design– what makes a good arrangement for your fairy garden
  • Preparing soil– getting ready to put the plants in your garden
  • Planting plants– the how to on getting plants into the soil
  • Soil science– what makes a good soil for plants and how to make sure the right nutrients are there

One simple, delightful hands on project that packs a huge punch for your effort! Read more about why you should teach gardening in your homeschool.

What You Need to Plant a Fairy Garden

Materials for the task vary, but the basics include:

  • Container– something to hold your garden
  • Soil– potting soil works well in this application
  • Plants– two to three is fine for your first go
  • Furnishings– natural, found, or store bought
  • Fairy– you can add your own fairy, but we like to build habitats and hope our fairy finds its home

It’s fun to be creative about how you plan your garden and furnish it. Some gardens are elaborate and some are simple.

It’s up to you!

More Resources for Gardening

forsythia plant flower and bud close up with a title

Gardening is a natural fit for teaching botany and other science concepts. It allows you to take homeschooling outdoors in a meaningful way and engage in a hands on experience.

A few links for more gardening activities in your homeschool:

Fairy Garden Workshop

collage of fairy gardens with a picture of a fairy garden eBook

Would you like more direction on planting a Fairy Garden? We’ve put together a workshop on making fairy gardens that takes you through the process step by step with videos and assignments.

The Fairy Garden Workshop includes these lessons: 

  • The World of Fairy Gardens
  • Types of containers to use
  • Ideas on themes for your garden
  • How to collect furnishings and findings
  • Best plants to use in a Fairy Garden
  • Planting & Caring for your Fairy Garden
  • Assembling your Fairy Garden
  • Resources for Fairy Garden planning

Plus, you get a bonus eBook to help you plan your garden, record your plans, and take care of your container garden.

Planting and caring for fairy gardens is a delightful way to bring enchantment to your gardening science studies!

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