5 Geography YouTube Channels to Make Homeschooling Come to Life

Have you ever wanted to travel the world but knew it would be financially impossible without a little help?  Or, are you wanting to study geography in your homeschool and looking to do more than just read about a destination? Then YouTube has your back.

5 Geography YouTube Channels to Make Homeschooling Come to Life

This past year we traveled the world via YouTube.  It was a blast getting to see the sites of so many different countries from the comfort of our home (you can see about our geography adventures here).  Through YouTube we were able to hear natives speak, tour special landmarks, learn about delicious recipes to try, and so much more.  The following are 5 of our favorite YouTube channels that helped our geography studies come to life.

Geography Now

Geography Now has definitely become one of our favorite YouTube resources for geography as the host, Barbs, could be called anything BUT boring.  His videos cover everything from a country’s flag and landscape to its people, culture, and political comrades.

GEOgraphy Focus

GEOgraphy Focus is another great YouTube channel for geography.  Although the channel hasn’t been updated in about a year, there are still several good videos available.  I would suggest starting with his Japan video as that is his current residence at the time of the recording, and it’s very informative.

National Geographic Kids

National Geography Kids is probably my girls’ second favorite YouTube Channel for geography studies.  They really enjoyed watching other kids their age visit different cultures in the Are We There Yet? series.  National Geographic Kids also has a lot of other options available–everything from Geography Bees to Weird but True stories and 360 degree adventures.

National Geographic

Of course we couldn’t create a geography YouTube Channel list without including this monumental resource.  National Geographic’s channel is probably the largest resource for geography videos.  While most of this content is amazing, be sure to preview these videos first as some of them may not be appropriate for kids of all ages.

Darron Gedge’s Geography Channel

This is one YouTube channel that we didn’t use very much this year, but that I could really see us using as the girls get older (my girls are currently 6 and 9).  Darron Gedge’s Geography Channel takes a more academic approach to geography so if you have older students, this is definitely a channel worth reviewing.  Darron Gedge talks about everything from weather maps to demographics, landscape formations, and even the coordinate system.

What are your favorite geography YouTube channels?

Kathy Gossen

About the author

Kathy Gossen is the wife of a farmer’s son, a homeschooling mom to three beautiful girls, and an Okie inside and out. She is the author of And the Word Became Flesh, a 90-Day Chronological Journey Through the New Testament as we well as several other homeschool curriculum and resources.

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