What’s Working and What’s Not 2017

It’s our Homeschool, what’s working and what’s not working link up. We’re sharing what we’re doing mid-year and sharing what changes we’ve made and why since we started our academic pursuits for the year.

Our Homeschool, What's Working and What's Not | iHomeschoolNetwork.com #ihsnet

Each year homeschool moms everywhere start out with an idea, a goal, a plan for how their year will progress. We gather our list of curriculum to be used through the academic year. We plan our lessons accordingly and we begin the homeschooling with excitement, ready to take on whatever may come.

It’s not long into the year that we begin to realize that some things simply do not work, while others are definitely working. So we make adjustments. That’s what we’re sharing this week.

What’s Working and What’s Not Working in Our Homeschools

We want you to know that if somethings just not working for your homeschool, your kids, or your schedule, that it’s O.K. to let it go and do a mid-year re-do. You won’t be hurting or breaking  anything. It’s better to work with what’s working and let go of what’s not.

How about you homeschoolers? Are you doing a  mid-year assessment to figure out what to adjust?

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