Homeschool Winter Hopscotch


The premiere homeschooling blog hop, a first of its kind in the homeschooling community. 

Hopscotch with us January 14th –  18th as we share another round of over 110 posts full of homeschooling activities and advice, Biblical encouragement, and much much more!

Brought to you by these lovely ladies…

5 Days February 2013

Five MORE Days of Learning with BOB Books | Ami at Walking by the Way
Homeschooling With Poster Board | Amy at Milk and Cookies
Copywork | Amy at Living and Learning at Home
Winter Sensory Play | Angela at Teaching Mama
Unleashing the Writer in Your Child  |  Becky at This Reading Mama
Speaking LIFE Into Your Homeschool  |  Carlie at So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler?
Homeschooling Highshool the Charlotte Mason Way | Dollie at Teachers of Good Things
Winter Crafts | Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler
Project Catapult {and Trebuchets too}! | Heather at Blog She Wrote
Adding Some Flash to Flashcard Review | Jamie at Unlikely Homeschool
Food Reformation | Jasmine at Ponder the Path
Ins and Outs of Adoption | Jennifer at Forever, For Always, No Matter What
Multisensory Homeschooling for Children with Special Needs | Jennifer at Jennifer A. Janes
Video Game Learning | Joan at Our School at Home
Teaching Character Through Stories | LaToya at Christian Momma
Homeschooling High School | Marianne at Abundant Life
Getting Fit and Healthy | Mary at The Encouraging Home
Becoming an Intentional Homeschoolin’ Mama | Meg at Homeschoolin’ Mama
Five Days of {Just Having} Fun with Your Kids | Stacie at Motherhood on a Dime
Cooking from Scratch with Homemade Mixes | Tabitha at Meet Penny
How To Fit In All The Extras | Tricia at Hodge Podge

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  1. Too much for me to read and digest now, BUT it is bookmarked and I think after everyone is in bed tonight I will grab a cup of green tea and settle in for some mommy time with these ladies!

  2. I am so excited for all of this great information!!!! I feel much more confident in my abilities and look forward to learning from you lovely ladies!!

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