How I Teach: A Homeschool Link-up

How I Teach, a homeschool link up by iHomeschool Network

We homeschoolers have dozens of options for how to teach. You can apply a certain teaching style such as classical, delight directed, unschooling, Charlotte Mason, traditional, or eclectic. But you might vary your style depending on the subject at hand or your child’s learning style. Even factors such as gender and family size can make a difference.

The combinations are endless, but the bloggers of iHN are here to help by sharing how they teach their children at home. Browse the topics below and find the posts that suit your situation perfectly.

How I Teach Active Kids Using the Charlotte Mason Method by Cindy West

How I Teach Nature Study for Newbies by LaToya Edwards

How I Teach Grant Wood to My Homeschool Co-op by Stephanie Harrington

How I Teach Third Grade Math to My Child with ADHD by Selena Robinson

How I Teach My Preschooler the ABCs by Jamie

How I Teach History to Multiple Ages by Sharla Kostelyk

How I Teach Mandarin to My Kids by Eva Varga

How I Teach Current Events in my Homeschool by Karyn Tripp

How I Teach Math to my Gifted Homeschooler by Renée Brown

How I Teach Geography and Missions by Lauren Mirecki

How I Teach Science In A Unit Study by Marci Goodwin

How I Teach Writing to My Child With Dysgraphia by Susan Williams

How I Teach Memory Work to My Preschooler by Kathy Gossen

How I Teach Art Appreciation to Classical Preschoolers by Amy Maze

How I Teach Phonemic Awareness to my Kids With Dyslexia by Marianne Sunderland

How I Teach Multiple Subjects to Multiple Ages  by Tricia Hodges

How I Teach Math In Our Homeschool by Mary Prather

How I Teach Critical Thinking in Our Homeschool by Angela Hoffman