Indoor Activities that Won’t Break the Bank

Indoor Activities that Won't Break the Bank

Not much can boost a mood quite like getting outdoors and releasing some energy.  But what about those days that you just can’t get outdoors? You might be snowed in, sick of the heat or just needing a relaxing day at home. If you’re not prepared, kids will quickly become bored, and transform into electronic zombies or fine-tune their meltdown skills. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up 25 fun and easy indoor activities for kids. They’re certain to keep your kiddos happy and keep you sane, without ever leaving the house.

25 Cheap and Easy Indoor Activities for Kids

  1. Hallway Maze- Using party crepe-paper streamers, create a fun maze for kids in your hallway. Simply tape the streamers to each wall in random patterns. The kids will love crawling under, through and jumping over the streamers while trying their hardest not to break them!
  2. Candle-Lit Bubble Bath-  There’s just something about turning out the lights and enjoying a tub full of bubbles by candlelight. Be sure to keep any open flame out of reach for children and also avoid placing them in the “splash zone.” This fun spin on bath time is always a hit!
  3. Obstacle Course- Obstacle courses are a great way to let the kids burn some energy but doing one indoors can be tricky. Using everyday objects, create age-appropriate challenges. Use masking tape to map the course. Allow kids to jump from the couch into a pile of pillows. Try walking a balance beam (or blanket folded into a thin rectangle) with a book balanced on your head. Hula hooping is a fun addition, as is a hopscotch board. Create a somersault path and a long-jump. The ideas are endless and the kids will love getting wild indoors.25 Cheap and Easy Indoor Activities for Kids
  4. Arts and Crafts- Whether you choose to create with melting beads or create a chalk pastel masterpiece, arts and crafts are always a hit with kids. Not to mention, the possibilities are endless and you won’t need to buy many supplies.  Whether you decide to make something to give as a gift or just something to be proud of, this is sure to become a favorite on the list of indoor activities!
  5. Face Paint- Kids love face paint, even at home. If you need a little help, the internet is full of ideas and step-by-step tutorials.  If you don’t have any face paint on hand, you can whip some up using equal parts baby lotion and washable paint.
  6. Sew Something- Grab some fabric and a needle and teach your kiddos a new skill.  Start with a simple project, like a pillow, to learn the basics. Whether you want to hand stitch or teach them the basics of a sewing machine, sewing is a skill they will use for years to come.
  7. Exercise- Kids have tons of excess energy and working out is a great way to help them burn some of it. Websites like GoNoodle have made exercise fun for kids and parents alike.  Jump around and get fit together!
  8. Shaving Cream Fun- A cheap bottle of shaving cream can equal hours of fun. Give the kids a few “tools” to paint with and let them cover the sides of the bathtub with the foam. They’ll love the soft texture of the cream and how easily it spreads. Best of all, clean-up is a cinch!
  9. Cook Dinner- Start early with planning your menu and setting the table. Then allow the kids to work alongside you in the kitchen to create a feast fit for kings! Try a 4 course meal, complete with a fancy tablecloth and candles.25 Cheap and Easy Indoor Activities for Kids
  10. Write a Book- Create a blank book by stapling blank paper together.  Have your kids tell you a story and write it down for them. Once the story is over, allow them to illustrate their book.
  11. Science Experiments- Whether it’s a baking soda volcano or a tornado in a bottle, little ones love to explore the world around them with exciting experiments.  Raising DaVinci has some awesome experiments that will amaze your  kids.
  12. Build Something- Kids love to build, whether they use Legos, popsicle sticks or magnetic tiles. Hours of fun can be had when you get down in the floor and help your kids build a masterpiece.
  13. String Games- A favorite indoor activity because all you need is a simple string and your hands to play string games. Help your child create Jacob’s Ladder or a Witch’s Broom with the help of YouTube. The simplicity of these games are addicting and will have them wanting to create more!
  14. Netflix and Chill (Family-Style)- While being stuck indoors can be boring, it’s also the perfect time to simply relax and catch up on your Netflix watch list. The kids may be sick of all the indoor activities or you may just need to unwind. Whether you choose to binge-watch your favorite educational shows or choose a popular PG-Rated show the whole family will enjoy, the whole family will benefit from some down time. Grab some popcorn and a comfy blanket and don’t get off the couch for hours.
  15. Indoor Picnic- Pack a basket full of your favorite picnic-foods and find a comfy spot. The living room, bedroom or even the kitchen table are much more fun when you’re chowing down on yummy picnic-style snacks.
  16. Dance Party- It doesn’t get much easier or more fun than a living room dance party. Turn on some tunes and get down with your bad selves! Make sure you turn on all different sorts of music, from hip-hop to classical music. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the amount of laughter that escapes from your kids when they see your best moves.
  17. Rearrange Furniture- There’s something about moving furniture around that makes us happy. Taking the time to rearrange your furniture makes it feel like a brand-new space.
  18. Painted Rocks- Boost your child’s creativity by helping them give new life to an old rock. Whether you transform your rock into an animal, face or just paint a fun design, this activity is cheap, easy and fun for all ages.
  19. Jump on the Bed- There at few things that make a kids’ eyes light up more than when they’re granted permission to do something that’s generally not allowed. My go-to easy indoor activities for kids? Break the rules and let them jump on the bed. Simple rules, like one jumper on the bed at a time, may keep the craziness to a minimum. This is one sure-fire way to gain “cool mom” points with the littles.
  20. Set up Camp- When boredom sets in, nothing cures it quite like setting up a tent in the living room. The kids will disappear for hours inside, playing their favorite games, snacking and reading their current book. Sleep in it overnight and then enjoy s’mores, roasted over the stove, for breakfast. 25 Cheap and Easy Indoor Activities for Kids
  21. Write a Letter- There’s nothing quite like sending and receiving snail mail. Grab some pretty stationary and let the kids write a letter to the person of their choice. From grandma to Disney Princesses, there are a ton of people who would love a handwritten note. The kids will love getting a response, via mail, jut as much!
  22. Deal Some Cards-  Slap Jack, War, Go Fish, Spoons and Old Maid can all be played using a single deck of cards. If you’re feeling patient, try teaching them a new age-appropriate game.
  23. Make Treats for Neighbors and Friends- The kids love making and delivering treats to neighbors and friends. Try making homemade pumpkin pie fudge, Rice Krispy treats or your favorite cookies. Your neighbors will be delighted by your sweet gesture.
  24. Pie Eating Contest- All you need for your own pie-eating contest is some Redi-Whip and some rowdy kids! Give them each an equal amount of cream on a paper-plate and make them race to clean their plate first. There’s only one catch: they can’t use their hands! Dive in face-first and race to the finish-line!
  25. Get Messy- Don’t worry about cleaning up for the next few hours. Simply enjoy the mess, from the tub of Hot Wheels to the pile of laundry. It will still be there tomorrow, so enjoy the day and be present with your little ones, divulging into the easy indoor activities for kids.

Being cooped up in the house all day doesn’t have to be boring! Armed with these brilliant and easy indoor activities for kids, your kids will be praying for snow, rain or a heatwave!

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Tiffany Jordon is a self-proclaimed "lazy homeschooler." She loves teaching through board games, educational shows on Netflix and hands-on learning. Her goal is to make the very most of her time with her kids, so she's always doing fun things to make memories.

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