Live Online Learning with Big River Academy

Live Online Learning with Big River Academy

I received compensation in exchange for my time and review of Big River Academy homeschool curriculum. All opinions are my own.

I’ve always been a hands-on curriculum kind of homeschooling mom. We’ve grown butterflies for science, visited museums for history, and drawn comics as creative writing. I usually expand on book-based curriculum with my own ideas. But, as my kids get older, I’m finding that there are certain subjects that need knowledge from a teacher who specializes in the subject. A teacher with more knowledge than I have as a homeschooling mom. It happens, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I saw the opportunity to review Big River Academy through the iHomeschool Network and volunteered immediately. Plus, I get to give you something awesome! After my review you’ll find a discount code and giveaway!

What is Big River Academy?

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive homeschool program, then you should definitely look into Big River Academy. They offer live, online classes for middle school and high school students. Their course offerings include core educational classes, and elective classes. Check out the list below to see the current courses offered from Big River Academy. Learn how it works on their About Us page. Why did I list all the courses offered at this time? Because one thing that sets Big River Academy apart from other programs is their variety of courses offered for each subject. Students can take a general English class, and expand on that with Banned and Burned books, or Movies as Literature. There are many foreign language classes to choose from, and when they’re ready to think about their future beyond high school, there are test prep courses.



  • Advanced Composition
  • American Literature
  • Banned and Burned
  • British Literature
  • English I
  • English II
  • English III
  • English IV
  • Intermediate Composition
  • Into to Literature Analysis
  • Movies as Literature
  • World Literature
  • WriteShop
  • Writer ER
  • Writing the Research Paper


  • Algebra I

​Foreign Language 

  • German I
  • German II
  • German III
  • Italian I
  • Italian II
  • Italian III
  • Italian IV
  • Latin I
  • Latin 1A
  • Latin 1B
  • Latin II
  • Latin III
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II
  • Spanish III


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Bridge to Biology (middle school)
  • Psychology

Social Sciences

  • The American Criminal Justice System and Homeland Security
  • American Government
  • Criminological Crime Scene Investigation

Exploring US History (middle school)

US History (high school)

Geography Around the World (middle school)

World Geography: Physical and Cultural (high school)

World History (high school)

Test Preparatory

  • SAT/ACT Preparatory
  • SAT Preparatory
  • ACT Preparatory


  • Music Theory & Composition I
  • Music Theory & Composition II
  • Personal Finance I
  • Personal Finance II

Public Speaking

Technology Essentials

How cool are these class offerings? I don’t have high school kids yet but when they’re old enough, I want them to be more prepared for their future by taking financial planning classes and SAT test prep courses. I also love that kids can branch off from standard classes and learn foreign languages, creative writing, and music. It’s all in one place so you’re not registering here and there, trying to balance several log ins and curriculum calendars at once.

Live Sessions Online

One thing that sets Big River Academy apart from some of the other homeschool programs we’ve used is that the classes are held live each week. Students will have 90 minutes of live instruction and discussion with their teacher, and other classmates, each week. The instructors also have open office hours outside of the live classroom for student support. Live sessions are great for students to learn to have accountability with their education and daily schedule, which I feel is an important life skill. Kids need to understand that if they’ve committed to a class or other obligation, they need to make sure they show up and participate. Learning this early helps them with their career later in life too.

Big River Academy can suggest a course calendar for each grade level, so your kids get the most out of their middle school and high school program.

Wrapping Up this Review

I love the whole idea of Big River Academy because I’m big on academics, little on time and planning. With this program I can feel confident that my kids are getting a good education, a variety of classes, and I can also plan their schedules through high school. If I feel the need to check in on them I can log in at any time or sit in on a class with them. It’s the perfect balance between giving my kids the independence they’ll need going into adulthood, but also giving me control of their homeschooling education.

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