Games, Apps, Services & More that Make Homeschool Learning Fun

We hear all the time, and deep in our hearts we know, how learning happens best when our kids are engaged in the process. We know that the more interested they are in what they are doing the more likely they are to retain the information. Yet, all too often, we end up buying more boxed curriculum, and traditional learning tools than learning tools that our kids will find fun. But, there are so many games, apps, services and other offerings available now that are designed to be both fun and educational.

Games, Apps, Services & More that Make Homeschool Learning Fun

So why do we keep falling into the traditional schooling trap? Maybe it’s because we feel more comfortable in what we know. Or, perhaps, it’s because we aren’t confident that fun really can equate with learning. Or, it could just be that we are unaware of the fun learning options available to us.

Whatever the reason, we wanted to share some fun learning games, apps, services and more so you can find just the right learning opportunities to engage your kids minds.

Games, Apps, and Services, Learning Resources

▬ Geography, World Culture

Help your kids become globally minded as they receive books in the mail from all around the world with The Adventurous Mailbox.

“My son ended up taking them all to finish on his own. He was constantly narrating the silly stories and fun facts to me as he read the books. I loved seeing how much fun he had reading them.” — Karyn at Teach Beside Me

▬ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Teaching STEM utilizing a 3d Pen in Homeschool is a fun way to allow kids to explore technology, optics, design, and engineering. These handy 3D Art Pens, mean that kids are only limited by their imaginations when it comes to learning. Plus, you’ll find 15 STEM learning ideas using the 3D pen to enhance other subjects as well.

“While this 3D pen is an amazing tool for creating fun, 3D art sculptures, it also can be utilized to prompt other areas of learning in the homeschool.” – by Renée at Great Peace


▬ Reading

Teaching reading doesn’t have to be complicated. Make Learning FUN with Online Reading Games using Reading Eggs. Plus, get a free 4 week trial.

“I was shocked; she LOVED it! Even better – after a few days of playing, she began telling me letter sounds and asking me to help her read her favorite books.” – Ashley at The Homeschool Resource Room

▬ History & Art

History learning can be fun when you combine history with art. That’s because Art and History Kits Equal Quality Hands-On Education.  Your kids can recreate the artifacts/pieces of art to enhance period history learning.

“Each replica is so well done that the finished product will likely be one that you or your student will want to display.” – Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

▬ Math

Multiplication doesn’t have to be complicated! It actually can be fun with a learning game. With HoliMaths card game multiplication becomes a fun process rather than boring worksheets.

“This game helps kids (and parents!) practice their multiplication memorization in a fun and relaxed way.” – Kaylene at Autistic Mama

▬ Science

 Kids love games. There really is no doubt about it. And when you combine learning with gaming you can’t go wrong.  You can help your kids Learn chemistry with Quest for Arete. Through card game play, they learn to mix and make potions using elements from the periodic table.

“It’s great as you’re starting to learn about molecules and how they go together.  It gives a distinct visual image as you put together several different elements to create your spell.” Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom

Another great way to teach the Periodic Table is with Atomidoodle, a fun learning app that kids of all ages can play.

“It is simple enough that my 8-year-old can easily navigate it, but complex enough to keep even my avid 12-year-old gamer engaged.” – Heidi at Starts at Eight

▬ Typing

Learning proper typing skills can be difficult, boring, and sometimes it’s easier to give up and just let them figure it out, than worry about what’s proper. But the reality is in this digital age, typing skills are more important than ever. But it doesn’t have to be boring, with TypeKids: Online Touch Typing Course for Kids.

“I’m excited to see that Collin is quickly passing up one of his older siblings who struggled through a different keyboarding course! Woohoo!” – Judy at Contented at Home

▬ Entrepreneurship

One of the best ways to learn is by doing. And, kids have some great ideas! So combine those two things, as you help to Encourage Business Skills in Your Young Entrepreneur. They’ll develop lot’s of skills as they learn to their own business.

“It’s like hiring a business mentor for your child!  Your whole family will be equipped with helpful and necessary skills.”  by Daniele at Domestic Serenity

Multi-Subject Learning Option

Teach a variety of subjects for all age groups with Highbrow a video-subscription service dedicated to helping educate your children through high-quality lessons.

“As a mom, I found the videos fun and engaging.” – Alisha at Flourish



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Renée Brown is a homeschooling mom to her advanced learning son, blogger, author, and she works online as a virtual assistant. She writes regularly on her blog about homeschooling an only child gifted learner, home and family life, developing and strengthening Christian marriages, and encouragement for living a Christian life.

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