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Moms can sometimes be clique-ish. Sometimes THAT mom can feel like they are left out or that they stand out from the crowd. Do you ever feel like, That Mom!? From time to time we all feel this way. But it’s can especially be so when we’ve chosen to go against the grain and make homeschooling our families educational path.

Whether you are choosing to homeschool for religious, special needs, or just want a different lifestyle for your family the reality is home education is an alternative lifestyle. With that comes we are choosing to be different. So among mom friends who have chosen a more traditional education path, we can certainly stand out in the crowd.

But, even within the homeschooling community, we can stand out. Maybe you’ve chosen unschooling as your approach to education, or you have a gifted child or an only child and therefore your schooling looks quite different from that of your friends. Ahem… guess what, no two homeschools look alike. Each one is uniquely different and it should be that way.

No matter what the situation you find yourself in which makes you feel like THAT Mom!, know that you are not alone. We all feel this way from time to time. That’s why we wanted you to see where we are feeling like THAT mom.

We’re THAT Mom! Too

Be sure to read our first version of I Am THAT Mom! Then let us know in comments why you feel as if you are THAT mom.

Tell us… how do you feel like “THAT Mom!”? What makes you feel like you are standing out from the crowd, or what are you doing to set your family apart from what everyone else is doing? Share your thoughts in the comments.