Cultivating a Love of Books with a Summer Reading Program

More than anything I could teach my children, I desire to teach them to love books. If they love to read, they’ll have access to learning for the rest of their lives. A summer reading program is a great way to cultivate a love of books as you can make quality time for the endeavor and keep the learning continuing throughout the school break.

Cultivating a Love of Books with a Summer Reading Program

Grab a Summer Reading Program Printable

Starting a summer reading program at home is so simple. There are so many free resources out there to make reading and tracking your progress fun and enjoyable! Try some of these options:

  • Summer Reading Challenge {With Free Printable} by Teach Beside Me – This is a cute printable that encourages reading with friends!
  • Free Summer Reading Printables & 100 Book Challenge by PK1HomeschoolFun – Inspire some fun summer reading with these adorable summer reading challenge printables. Great for a 100 Book Challenge or less, these free printables will add some fun to your child’s summer reading goals.
  • Free Gumball Reading Challenge Printable by PK1HomeschoolFun – Are you looking for a fun reading challenge for your kids? Whether they’re counting books or chapters, try this gumball reading challenge printable for an easy and fun challenge for summer or all-year reading!
  • Free Reading Log with Sticker Bookmark PK1HomeschoolFun – Would you like to encourage your child to read more books? Here’s a free reading log with sticker bookmarks to get your child excited about reaching their reading goals!
  • 25 Day Reading Challenge for Kids by Natural Beach Living – Use this cute bingo board to cultivate a love a variety of types of books!
  • Reading Challenges by Walking by the Way- Maybe you can inspire your kids to read, too, by challenging them with these printable reading logs!
  • Our Summer Reading Chart by Women Living Well – Or just make Your own challenge together. This cute board game style reading chart would be so much fun to enjoy with the family.

Fun with Free Reading

A key to cultivating a love of anything is to make it enjoyable. You don’t have to be an excellent reader to love reading. If you have a struggling reader, give them grace to develop a love of stories which will push them beyond any obstacles to get what they want: the end of the story. So how can you help them love reading when the physical act of reading is so demanding?

1. Read Picture Books

There are many reasons to read picture books. Start below their reading level. It’s okay if it’s even way below their reading level. It is much more enjoyable to read when it seems easy. Go back and revisit some of their favorite childhood books or explore new ones. Let them pad their reading log with short books to feel like progress can actually happen!

2. Listen to Audio Books

Audio books are a great way to show grace to struggling readers. Even seasoned readers enjoy just listening to a good book every now and then. Listen to books together in the car, while you’re playing with toys, or while you color. You’ll be surprised at how many books you can make it through when you’re reading with your ears!

3. Read a Book & Watch the Movie

Meet movie lovers where they’re at. Find a movie they’d like to watch and make that the prize for finishing the book. Here are some great resources for finding these treasures:

This isn’t just for struggling readers. How about your teen? Check out these ideas for motivating your teen to read this summer. Or how about yourself? Are you reading as much as you’re asking your kids to read? Check out these options for moms as summer reading. If you’re enjoying it, they will eventually learn to enjoy it too!

Earn Rewards with a Summer Reading Program

Even though it’s not all about the rewards, it can be fun and profitable to join a summer reading program at your local library. This is a great way to make good use of free books, find new series to love, and connect with your community.

If you lead off with a love of reading, you’re modeling the desired attitude. This will go a long way towards cultivating a love of books in your family. You never know. Your summer reading program may just turn into a lifelong love of reading!


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Betsy Strauss is a wife to a deep thinker and a homeschooling mom of three kids. When she stumbled into homeschooling, she thought it would just look like public school at home. Thankfully, she quickly learned that using a one-room school house model of teaching was a great way to unify the family, and enrich family life without going crazy!

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