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An important aspect of parenting is teaching our kids life skills. But it might be difficult to know exactly what skills should we teach our children as they slowly inch to adult years. While it’s fairly simple to teach life skills like cooking, personal hygiene, and organizing, other life skills such as budgeting and career planning are a bit more abstract. Voyage Course is an iHN Featured Favorite because it makes teaching life skills in the homeschool so easy.

life skills with voyage from thrive academics

Life Skills with Voyage

by Thrive Academics

Voyage from Thrive Academics is a comprehensive life skills program that makes sure your teen is prepared for life after high school, whether it is for college or for entering the workforce.

Although there are many aspects parents might overlook in preparing their children for adult life, Voyage is available to guide both you and your teen.

“Voyage is an interactive, online program that walks high school students through key skills they need to transition into adulthood well. Whether they are trying to figure out a career, exploring a college path, or simply seeking to learn adult life skills, Voyage has the tools and lessons to help equip them for their journey.”

Thrive Academics

Thrive Academics’ Voyage course covers several life skills aspects that teens need to know in order to be confident and independent: self-identity, career planning, college planning, financial responsibility, and everyday living.

Perks of Voyage Course

  • 5 self-paced learning modules
  • animated lessons
  • useful printables that kids can consult again and again
  • real-life examples and applications of skills
  • one affordable price
life skills with voyage from thrive academics

Thrive Academics has a free adulting checklist that can help you see if your teen is ready for life.

Adult life skills

Voyage prepares students for life beyond high school years by asking them to think about their strengths and preferences while teaching them practical aspects of real life like filling out forms or applying for college credit.

life skills with voyage from thrive academics

“I am excited that this course will give my son skills that he’ll use for a lifetime. Hopefully, it’ll help him avoid some of the mistakes his father and I made.”

– Virginia, That Bald Chick

life skills with voyage from thrive academics

“I believe one of the most important parts of homeschooling my son throughout high school was the emphasis we placed on learning and practicing life skills.

[…]and we will be using Voyage to support his learning and development in life skills.”

– Shawna, Different by Design

life skills with voyage from thrive academics

“Voyage from Thrive makes it easy for me to feel good about the life skills being taught to my teen. […] this gives me the structure to help me feel confident that we are covering a wide variety of useful topics.

– Heidi, Starts At Eight

“These modules are meant to prepare students for life after high school, not just for vocation or college.”

– Julie, Julie Naturally

“Each module allows the student to dive deep and explore the many facets of adulting! Since Voyage is designed for self-paced, independent learning, students are able to take their time moving through the modules as they work to develop these all-important life skills!”

– Jennifer, Mama Jenn

Confidence and real-life examples

Voyage isn’t simply about learning of the skills that help teenagers in life beyond school years, it’s giving them real life examples and helps them boost their confidence.

“I really learned a lot about being more financially responsible. I thought that module was really interesting. I definitely feel more prepared to handle my finances now. – 19 year old”

– Brandi, Mama Teaches

“When I think of launching my teen, I envision an arrow as opposed to a boomerang. I want to launch them far and see them succeed. I don’t want them returning home because they were not sufficiently prepared.
Voyage is a great tool to have in your launch belt. My teen enjoys the autonomy it gives her and the boost of confidence knowing she’s taking charge of her future.”

– Destiny, Some Call It Destiny

“Your teen will thank you when they launch into adult life, confident that they have the skills to take on the new challenges they face…unlike some people, who shall remain nameless.”

– Sophie, My Cup Runs Over

Voyage is easy to implement

Not only doesn’t Voyage provide students with a glimpse into life beyond school, but it also provides them with ongoing help because of their printables that can be used anytime. Moreover, Voyage is a full-credit elective and it’s very easy to implement at home.

“These life skills don’t need to be learned the hard way.

Your high schooler can learn these skills at home. […]All under the safety of your home and with your support!

When I found out about Voyage, I felt like turning cartwheels. Earning high school elective credits for working on essential life skills? Win-win!”

– Amy, Rock Your Homeschool

“The platform is SUPER easy for students to use. Almost too easy as they navigate the platform.  Critical thinking and gamification are great ways to keep the attention and promote a thoughtful learning process.”

– Shannan, Captivating Compass

“Our friends at Thrive Academics want to make it easy for you to get your teens ready for adulthood. These skills are the kinds of things that adults take for granted, […]. Allowing teens to explore these challenges while they’re still safely at home is key.”

– Dianna, The Kennedy Adventures

“My daughter has learned so much through this course from Voyage. It is a comprehensive class, and I am so impressed with everything they thought to include. I sat alongside her for much of it, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t learn a few things myself. “

– Courtney, Homeschool Mastery

“When I asked my son if and what he liked about it, he said he liked the idea and concept of how it was presented. He also enjoyed that the program gives him lots of resources that he can print out and keep. “

– Monica, Mommy Maestra

“The class guides students through a process that helps them identify their purpose and strengths. Students develop a personal brand that will guide them in making decisions, establishing a vision for the future, setting goals that will help them to make that vision happen, and creating action steps for meeting those goals.”

– Leah, As We Walk Along The Road


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Homeschooling a gifted kid is sometimes difficult, but seeing her son flourish in this environment is worth it.
Over at Monkey and Mom she wants to help homeschool families from around the world find the best materials by testing them out in her homeschool.

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