10 Winter Craft Ideas For Kids

10 Winter Craft Ideas For Kids

As the weather turns colder it’s not as easy to spend long periods of time outside doing nature study or fun activities. But don’t worry there are many winter craft ideas for kids that can keep them having fun even on cold winter days.

10 Winter Craft Ideas For Kids

Mini Winter Hat Ornaments

These winter hat ornaments are such a cute craft for kids to make for Christmas or anytime during the winter. Using scrap yarn and toilet paper tubes they are budget-friendly and quick to make.

Foam Cup Snowmen

Another fun craft for young kids are these foam cup snowmen. With just a few simple and inexpensive supplies your kids will have so much fun making their own snowman families.

Snowy Pinecones

Snowy pinecone ornaments look so pretty hung on your tree or wreath. Using pinecones from your yard or the dollar store makes this craft budget-friendly and fun for the whole family.

Pasta Snowflakes

Who knew pasta could be this pretty? These pasta snowflake ornaments are quick to make and look so pretty having from your tree. A perfect family craft idea for a cold winter day. Needing just pasta, paint, and glitter they are beautiful and budget-friendly.

Button Snowflakes

Have lots of buttons? Making button snowflakes is a great way to use them up and practice fine motor skills at the same time! Make them all one color or practice making color patterns.

Simple Stained Glass Mittens

Try making these easy stained glass mittens and let your kids decorate your windows with this cute winter craft idea. Your kids can make their favorite color mittens or design their own patterns.

Mini Pinecone Wreaths

Another fun craft idea to use up pinecones is to make mini pinecone wreaths. Glued in a circle and then dusted with homemade faux snow they look beautiful on your tree.

Doily Snowman

These adorable doily snowmen are a great craft idea for preschoolers and young children. With no prep work needed this is a perfect craft idea for busy days.

Snowman Luminaries

Snowmen crafts are great to make because you can enjoy them all winter not just at Christmas time. These snowman mason jar luminaries will look so cute on your mantle.

Paper Plate Penguins

Learning about birds that live in cold places? Then these paper plate penguins are a must-make craft idea! Why not make a family of penguins and use them to act out a story?

When the weather is too nasty to go outside and play, pick a fun winter craft idea for your family to enjoy making and pass the afternoon indoors.


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