10 Homeschool Podcasts to Explore

Here you’ll find a collection of excellent homeschool podcasts for every stage of your journey. With the power of social media, you’re never alone.

Here you'll find a collection of excellent homeschool podcasts for every stage of your journey. With the power of social media, you're never alone.

When you’re in the homeschooling trenches, finding support can be a challenge. If you’re trying to juggle homeschooling and managing a home, making time for a homeschooling community gets shifted to the back burner.

With the power of social media, you don’t have to feel like you’re navigating these unfamiliar waters alone. If you do a little searching, you’ll find a collection of excellent homeschool podcasts for every stage of your journey.

Come and take a look.

1. Homeschooling IRL
Discussing the topics that you might not find covered at your local homeschooling convention, veteran homeschooling parents and bloggers, Andy and Kendra Fletcher, use humor and honesty to pull the veil back on Christian homeschooling.

2. Christian Homeschool Moms
Hosted by Demetria Zinga, Christian Homeschool Moms offers tips & interviews, product reviews, and inspirational helps for homeschooling moms of faith.

3. Homeschool Sanity Show

Christian psychologist and veteran homeschooling mother of six, Dr. Melanie Wilson, solves homeschoolers’ biggest headaches every Tuesday. You’ll hear:

– A teaching tip of the week
– The organized homeschool challenge of the week
– Other homeschoolers’ advice on the topic of the week

4. Homeschool Sisters
Cait and Kara are two moms doing this homeschooling thing right beside you. They might not have it all figured out, but they know that homeschooling is a lot easier when you have a sister by your side.

5. Cultivating the Lovely

This is the podcast all about pouring the labor, care and study into the roles that God has given us as wives, moms, women, homemakers and His children. It is meant to inspire us to be living with passion, intention, beauty and delight in the everyday moments, right where we’re at. Come sit down and have a cup of coffee with MacKenzie Monroe and her guests as they discuss how they fill up more in order to pour out to their families and learn to cultivate loveliness in all sorts of other ways.

6.Homeschool High School

Join hosts Vicki Tillman and Sabrina Justison as they share You-CAN-Do-It Skills for homeschooling high school!

– How-to’s to help you plan the high school years
– Tips to build your confidence in educating your adolescents
– Ways to create a powerful transcript for your teen
– Steps to help you guide your teen in life and college preparation

7. From Broken to Blessing by LaToya Edwards

LaToya helps homeschooling moms find hope and encouragement,even in the midst of brokenness.

8.Learning to Speak Life Podcast by Michael and Carlie Kercheval

This show focuses on the biblical truths surrounding the importance of speaking life-giving words, no matter the circumstances.

9. Real Life at Home

The Real Life at Home Podcast features tips for practical living and home management, real life homeschooling, and authentic motherhood.

10. Homeschooling Podcasts from Pam Barnhill

Pam Barnhill is the creator of three homeschool podcasts – check them out and see which one suits your fancy!

Homeschool Snapshots

Want to know what other homeschooling moms are doing, thinking, worrying about? How they are solving problems and thriving as homeschoolers? The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast gives you a peek into what is going on in other homeschools across the country.

Your Morning Basket
Join Pam as she delves into the principles and practices of homeschool Morning Time aka Morning Basket or Circle Time. With field experts and mentor moms, Pam discusses everything from how to choose the right books for a wide age range, to how to memorize a poem, and to how to get the kids to sit still. All your burning Morning Time questions answered right here.

Homeschool Solutions
Pam showcases new homeschool content from top homeschool bloggers streaming straight to your earbuds each week.

Let’s hear from you. What’s your favorite homeschooling podcast?

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