Exploring Alternatives to Going to College: A Guide for Homeschoolers

As a homeschooler, you have the unique opportunity to pave your own path toward a successful future. While college may be the traditional route for many high school graduates, it’s essential to know that there are alternatives to going to college available that can lead to equally fulfilling and lucrative careers.

Exploring Alternatives to Going to College A Guide for Homeschoolers

In this article, we’ll explore some alternative options to going to college and highlight the benefits of trade schools.

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What to Do After Graduation

Trade Schools and Vocational Education

Trade schools offer specialized training in various fields, such as automotive technology, culinary arts, cosmetology, and construction. These programs provide hands-on experience and equip students with practical skills that are highly sought after in the job market. By attending a trade school, you can graduate with a specific skill set that can lead to immediate employment opportunities.


Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to gain real-world experience while earning a wage. These programs typically combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction, allowing you to learn from experienced professionals in your chosen field. Whether you’re interested in becoming an electrician, plumber, or carpenter, apprenticeships provide a structured pathway to develop valuable skills and establish a strong foundation for a successful career.

Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business

If you have a passion for entrepreneurship, consider starting your own business. As a homeschooler, you likely possess the self-discipline and independence required to navigate the challenges of running a business. With the right idea and determination, you can create your own career path and potentially achieve financial success.

Online Courses and Self-Paced Education

The internet has revolutionized education, offering a wealth of online courses and self-paced learning opportunities. Platforms like Skillshare, Mr. D Math, and the Nomadic Professor provide access to a vast array of subjects, allowing you to acquire new skills and knowledge at your own pace. Whether you’re interested in computer programming, graphic design, or digital marketing, online courses offer flexibility and affordability.

Some trade schools even offer online courses that walk you through everything you need to know to get started in your trade. The Bruce Cloney Door Institution is one example of a high-demand career that can be learned online!


Entering the workforce directly after high school is another viable option. Many industries have entry-level positions that provide on-the-job training and opportunities for advancement. By gaining practical experience early on, you can develop valuable skills and explore different career paths. It’s essential to research job prospects and identify industries that align with your interests and goals.

Military Service

For those interested in serving their country, joining the military can offer a unique career path. The military provides comprehensive training, educational benefits, and opportunities for personal growth and development. Whether you choose to serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, a military career can provide valuable skills, discipline, and a sense of purpose.

Embracing Trade Schools as a Lucrative Option

Trade schools can sometimes get a bad rap or be seen as a lesser option, but they offer so many benefits and can lead to very lucrative careers and business ownership. They’re one of the truly great alternatives to going to college. Here’s why trade schools are an excellent choice for those who are not interested in or ready to go to college:

Practical Skills

Trade schools prioritize hands-on learning, allowing students to gain practical skills that are highly valued in the job market. You’ll receive industry-specific training that prepares you for immediate employment upon graduation.

Shorter Duration

Unlike traditional four-year colleges, trade school programs are typically shorter, ranging from several months to two years. This means you can enter the workforce sooner and start earning a living.

Job Placement Support

Trade schools often have strong connections with local employers, providing job placement assistance and networking opportunities. This can significantly increase your chances of finding employment in your chosen field.

Lucrative Careers

Many trade professions offer competitive salaries and excellent growth potential. Skilled trades, such as electricians, automatic door repair technicians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians, are in high demand, and their services are essential to society.

Alternatives to Going to College: The Path Less Taken

As a homeschooler, exploring alternatives to going to college can open doors to exciting opportunities. By considering trade schools, apprenticeships, entrepreneurship, online courses, employment, or military service, you can embark on a fulfilling career path that aligns with your interests and goals. Embrace the freedom to shape your own future and pursue the path that suits you best.

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