Everyone knows that February 14th is Valentine’s Day, but did you know it’s also Library Lover’s Day? Library Lover’s Day is a wonderful day to spend a day centered around the library!

5 Ways Homeschoolers Can Celebrate Library Lover's Day

1. Write Letters to Librarians

Sit down with your kids and write letters to the librarians letting them know how much your family enjoys the library. After all, if you’re anything like my family you spend a lot of time there, attending children’s programs, story time, and finding piles of books to drag home.

And the librarians do a huge amount to support homeschoolers. They search the shelves for the books you need. They plan all those wonderful events for kids, and they’re quick to locate the books you need through inter-library loans.

So sit down with the kids and create a card. Let the librarians know how much they mean to you and your family!

2. Discuss Dewey Decimal System

Children’s aren’t just born knowing how to find books at the library, and Library Lover’s Day is the perfect time to introduce kids to the Dewey Decimal System. Show them the difference between where the fiction and nonfiction books are kept. Then point out the numbers on the side of the nonfiction shelves.

Now ask your kids for a favorite topic to research. Show the kids how to use the library catalog to locate the number for the topic and send your children to find a book from the area.

3. Do a Scavenger Hunt

Now that the kids have been introduced to the Dewey Decimal System, send them out on a scavenger hunt! First download and print the scavenger hunt sheet. Next grab a few pencil for the kids to write down their discoveries. You can send the kids off in pairs or to separately.

And don’t forget to remind the kids to walk and be quiet!

4. Pay Your Fines

If you’re a true library lover, you’ve probably built up a few fines over the last few months. It’s too easy to miss a book when you’re returning a stack. You needed that history book one extra day.¬†Your child’s favorite book slipped under the bed and just couldn’t be found! It doesn’t matter why, library fines are a part of life when you’re homeschooling!

So take the opportunity on Library Lover’s Day to give yourself the gift of a fine-free account!

5. Hang Out at the Library

Don’t forget to spend time on Library Lover’s Day hanging out at the library. After all the best way to create kids who love to spend time at the library, is to spend time at the library. The library will become a familiar and safe place for your kids!

Bring your math assignments and finish them at the library. Read a Dr. Seuss book as a family read aloud. Laugh over a comic book together. And remember to browse the shelves for a pile of books to bring home.

Library Lover’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend some time at the library, thank the librarians, introduce kids to the Dewey Decimal System, and enjoy a quiet scavenger hunt.

How do you plan celebrating Library Lover’s Day?

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Sara Dennis is a homeschooling mother of 6 children ages 7 through 21. After much research into homeschooling in 2000, she and her husband fell in love with classical education and used it as the foundation for their homeschool. Sara Dennis blogs at Classically Homeschooling.

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