10 Earth Day Challenges For Your Homeschool

10 Earth Day Challenges For Your Homeschool

Earth Day is a fantastic way to include important reminders in your homeschool about taking care of our environment.  All subject areas can be addressed as you look at what Earth Day is and how to celebrate it. Along with educational lessons, you can spread the vital message to your children about taking steps to help the world we live in.

Earth Day is April 22.  How will you recognize this national holiday?  Here are some ideas that you may want to include in your homeschool Earthy Day celebration.

10 Earth Day Challenges For Your Homeschool

1.   Learn more about Earth Day:  Check out Earth Day to find out more about the history of this special day.

2.  Write an Earth Day Poem:  Work with your kids to create poems dedicated to Earth Day.  Need some inspiration?  Read these poems together and discuss their major themes.

3.  Create Earth Day Slogans or Posters: Use phrases like “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.  Brainstorm with your kids about different slogans or commercials that they could create to teach about Earth Day.  Make Earth Day posters with these slogans and hang around your home, neighborhood, and town (with permission and remember to clean up!).

4.  Read Earth Day books:  One of our favorite Earth Day books is Earth Day-Hooray! by Stuart J. Murphy.  The book’s message of cleaning up our local areas and recycling aluminum cans is both educational and inspirational.  Another iconic book about saving the Earth is The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  My boys love this story-and movie!

5.  Write or listen to an Earth Day song:  Encourage your kids to write and sing their own songs about Earth Day.  Listen to songs about the Earth, environment, and nature, like on Earth Day: Music For Saving The Planet or Earth Day Songs

6.  Plant a tree:  Connect with an organization like Arbor Day Foundation to find out how you can help take care of trees in your area.  If you have a yard and have room, consider planting a tree or two.  Consider contacting your local government and companies to see if they have programs dedicated to preserving and planting trees.

7.  Start a garden:  Work with your kids to plan a garden.  Talk about your climate and soil.  Determine if you have an outdoor area to plant in or if you would rather start a garden indoors.  Discuss what type of garden you will start:  flower, fruit, vegetable, or butterfly?  Research what type of plants thrive in your area and select accordingly.

8.  Make Earth Day crafts:  Pick an Earth Day craft or two to create.  Younger children may enjoy using blue and green playdough or clay to create their own mini-Earths.  A simple yet fun craft is using white coffee filters, blue and green markers, and a spray bottle full of water.  Allow your kids to scribble on the filter and lightly mist with water.  Watch the colors spread and smiles light up!  For more Earth Day craft ides, follow my Pinterest board dedicated to Earth Day: Follow busyboysbrigade’s board Earth Day on Pinterest.

9.  Have fun with Earth Day activities:  Add some games with Earth Day themes!  Create DIY Earth Day MadLibs.  Play BrainBox for Kids-Nature Card Game.
Play “Save the Earth”, a balloon volleyball type of game with the objective of keeping the “Earth” in the air.  Blow up green and blue balloons.  Use markers to add continents and oceans (optional).

10.  Clean up your neighborhood/park/special area:  Take a walk around your neighborhood or local park.  Wear protective gloves and bring bags for garbage.  Designate specific bags for recyclables and dispose of all appropriately.

Take advantage of this opportunity to teach your children the valuable lesson of respecting our world.  What are your favorite resources and ways to incorporate Earth Day into your homeschool?


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