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Are you searching for the ultimate collection of online homeschool resources? Are you tired of piecing content together for your lessons? Do you want a secure space for your young explorer’s curiosity?

Elephango is more than just an online learning platform; it’s a dynamic, flexible tool that allows families to tailor their homeschooling to their own preferences, learning styles, and interests.

A Hub of Online Homeschool Resources

Elephango serves as a vast repository of educational materials, covering a wide array of subjects and grade levels.

This platform simplifies homeschooling by offering ready-to-go resources and a safe environment for nurturing curiosity.

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“Developed specifically to provide students with voice and choice, every Elephango lesson speaks directly to the student, providing content-rich instruction, interactive activities, and project-based assignments designed to challenge them to take initiative, drive their own learning, experiment, get creative and connect learning to life.”


Elephango Features & Benefits

Elephango is a popular platform for online homeschool resources because of its personalized approach, gamified learning, user-friendly interface, and alignment with standards.

  • grades k-12
  • complements any curriculum
  • safe environment for exploration
  • Chrome extension for safe Google search
  • over 3,000 lessons
  • created by educators
  • multiple ways of sorting lessons by learning style, subject, grade, and even standards
  • gamified learning with badges
  • jumpstart lessons for covering gaps
  • self-directed learning

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Homeschool Enrichment for Everyone

Elephango serves as an invaluable aid to homeschooling, offering a wealth of resources that cater to diverse learning needs. From an extensive array of lessons to captivating rabbit holes, Elephango is the ideal companion for any curriculum. This platform not only enriches curricula but also encourages independent learning and provides a secure space for young minds to flourish.

“There is so, so much available on Elephango. I truly am blown away by the sheer amount and quality of the content!”

Jennifer, Mama Jenn

“This platform is amazing for enriching any curriculum and one of the reasons we love using it is to add depth to our studies. But it goes beyond that, offering curious minds a safe place to grow.”

Laura, Monkey and Mom

“I especially love that independent learning is encouraged. Independent learning is something you want to develop as early as possible as a working homeschool mom because you’ll save so much time and energy!”

Charlotte, My Little Homeschool

Elephango is Engaging

Elephango redefines the homeschooling experience by making learning engaging and interactive. It introduces gamified elements that stimulate curiosity and encourage child-led learning, offering a dynamic solution for homeschooling families seeking to break free from the mundane.

“If you’re tired of your child complaining that what they’re learning about is boring, then you need Elephango to help shake things up and keep them engaged.”

Brandi, Mama Teaches

“Elephango is an online platform that takes your homeschool from boring to exciting, with just the click of a button.”

Tiffany, Homeschool Hideout

“If you’re tired of the one-size-fits-all approach and want to infuse some critical thinking and curiosity into your child’s education, Elephango might just become your new best friend.”

Sara, Techie Homeschool Mom

“Elephango believes kids should play an active role in their learning and makes it easy for kids and parents alike to research interesting topics. This is especially true as there are thousands of lessons, resources, and activities to explore!”

Sara, Classically Homeschooling

“A super cool feature is that your students can earn badges for their work. Kind of like online stickers for jobs well done 😉”

Amy, Rock Your Homeschool

Navigating with Ease and Security

Elephango isn’t just about enriching education, it’s also about simplifying your homeschool-parent life. With its user-friendly design and robust safety features, it offers a seamless learning experience that brings peace of mind to parents.

“The Elephango Chrome Extension creates a landing page where kids can explore the Internet in a more secure, safer manner. It also allows you to easily search Elephango itself!”

Heidi, The Curriculum Choice

“I can stop searching Pinterest to find the correct supplemental lessons for my children’s lessons. Elephango has homeschool lessons at all levels of learning in a variety of subjects. Now the frustration is gone when I can find just what I need with a search on Elephango.”

Rebecca, Line Upon Line Learning

“The best part of Elephango is its database of extensive lessons that are created just for homeschool families. If Google was made by homeschool families and for homeschool families, that would be Elephango. I love that my son now has a place to answer all of his science questions. My daughter has enjoyed learning about her current passion, animals, on Elephango too.”

Sarah, Homeschooling 4 Him

The Perfect Tool for Online Homeschool Resources

Elephango redefines homeschool learning. It offers a dynamic, flexible tool that empowers homeschooling families to tailor their educational journey to their unique preferences, learning styles, and interests. Whether you aim to banish boredom, enrich your curriculum, encourage curiosity, or provide a secure space for exploration, Elephango is here to help.

So make sure to check Elephango’s free resources out and see if it’s a good fit for your family.


About the author

Laura is a homeschool mom from Europe, raising a STEM-gifted boy.
Homeschooling a gifted kid is sometimes difficult, but seeing her son flourish in this environment is worth it.
Over at Monkey and Mom she wants to help homeschool families from around the world find the best materials by testing them out in her homeschool.

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