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In a world that often emphasizes individualism, raising children who value and practice generosity is a wonderful goal.

The Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit from Generous Family is designed to offer a journey into the heart of generosity, uniting families in a shared commitment to making the world a better place.

Instilling Values Through Generosity

The Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit from Generous Family goes beyond conventional academics. It’s a blueprint for fostering gratitude, empathy, and a giving spirit.

“We want to help you help your children become kind, generous individuals so that your family values will live on for generations.”

— Generous Family

Rooted in the philosophy of living generously through the 7 Ways of Living Generously, this curriculum equips your children with essential life skills that go beyond the classroom. Generosity goes beyond giving money, it touches:

  1. Thoughts: Encourages positive thinking about oneself and others.
  2. Words: Teaches effective communication and kind speech.
  3. Time: Highlights the importance of allocating time for others.
  4. Money: Inspires financial generosity to aid those in need.
  5. Attention: Encourages being present and attentive to others.
  6. Influence: Demonstrates the positive impact of using one’s connections to help others.
  7. Sharing Belongings: Cultivates the habit of sharing material possessions.

Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit Features & Benefits

  • for 5-18 year olds
  • 26 lessons
  • generosity rooted in faith
  • teaches life skills
  • combination of activities for every age
  • blended online and offline
  • hands-on activities included
  • full color guides
  • online videos
  • 3 copies included for up to 3 kids

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A Family Journey

One of the standout features of the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit is its emphasis on family involvement. This curriculum isn’t just a learning tool; it’s a platform for families to bond and grow together. The curriculum is centered around the idea of doing activities as a family, creating lasting memories while nurturing a culture of generosity.

“Overall, the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit provides a valuable opportunity for families to engage in meaningful discussions about generosity and cultivate a culture of giving within their home learning environment. Great conversations are at the heart of how we learn in our family, so this works well for us. This also helps kids develop critical thinking skills and broad perspectives.”

Sara, Heart and Soul Homeschooling

“The Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit is designed for the whole family, including older kids! This summer, I have been trying this out with my younger children, and as is often the case, some suggestions work better for younger kids and others would work better for older kids. The scriptures, value-driven discussions, real examples, and faith-based concepts are universal, however!”

Rebecca, Line Upon Line Learning

Faith-Based Learning

The curriculum draws strength from its faith-based approach. By intertwining scripture with real-life scenarios, children are encouraged to seek answers and guidance from the Bible. With more than 125 Bible verses and 40 Historical and Biblical Generosity Heroes, children are exposed to a holistic approach to generosity rooted in faith.

“It would be impossible for us to be generous unless we know that Christ has freely given us His gift of salvation. The Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit does a very good job of teaching generosity rooted in Faith.”

Amy, Needed in the Home

“One thing I appreciate about Generous Students is that it’s Bible-focused, but not too much or too little for some students. Each weekly focus incorporates scriptures and biblical principles but does so in a way that connects with students of any age.”

Emily, Table Life Blog

Seamlessly Integrated Resources

Navigating the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit is a breeze, thanks to its integrated resources. The spiral-bound Instructor’s Guide provides a clear roadmap for your family’s generosity journey. Access to video and audio files, supplementary activities, and parent resources in the Instructor Portal ensures that the learning experience is well-rounded and engaging.

“I love the consistency and creativity of the curriculum. While each week follows the same general schedule, each weekly lesson is full of thought-provoking insight and actionable ways to start living generously now!.”

Jennifer, Mama Jenn

“I love the Generous Family Curriculum. It is quick, helpful, and guides my children to live a more Christ-like life that extends generosity.”

Michelle, Moms Are Frugal

“My kids were super excited to see where the road trip from Generous Family would take us each day! Each day’s activity or lesson varies, so the days aren’t mundane but exciting to look forward to.”

Courtney, Grace Grow Edify

Embracing Family Values

In a society often driven by self-interest, the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit provides a unique opportunity for families to pause, reflect, and imbue values that matter. By focusing on the art of giving, this curriculum empowers families to shift their perspective and prioritize the well-being of others.

“I think my favorite thing about the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit is how it enables you to bring your values to the forefront. We are living in a “ME” focused society where so many are self-fish and self-centered. This homeschool curriculum offers us a chance to slow down and reflect on the things that matter, and to share that with our children.”

Heidi, The Curriculum Choice

“By going through these lessons daily, we noticed a change in our conversation. Using the activities and the generosity jar also helped us stay focused and motivated on living generously.”

Christy, PK1 Kids

Embrace Generosity Today

The Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit extends an invitation to families seeking to nurture values that resonate beyond textbooks. By embracing this curriculum, you’re embarking on a journey of shared growth, character building, and compassionate living.


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