Gifts Every Homeschool Mom will Love

Buying gifts for a mom can be tough. It’s often hard to know what she’d like or need. Buying for homeschool moms can be even tougher! She’s likely home with the kids for the better part of most days. And, that can get tiresome. She might need a little break from teaching or she might need a little help teaching.

I’ve pulled together some unexpected gift ideas that every homeschool mom will love. So, whether you are a dad looking to get a little helpful gift for your wife, or you’re a homeschool mom looking for your friends, you will find some great ideas below.

Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to get a little something for yourself too!

# Gifts for Homeschool Moms

The Easiest Way to Teach Shakespeare to Kids

Teaching Shakespeare is something that serves as a foundation to understanding great literature. Yet, many moms aren’t sure where to start. The book, How to Teach Shakespeare to Kids, by Ken Ludwig, is a great place to start. It gives moms the tools and confidence needed to dive into Shakespearean literature.

“In Ludwig’s book, he teaches you how to begin memorization of Shakespeare’s passages and give a whole bunch of passages to use to begin with.” – Karyn at Teach Beside Me

Giant American History Timeline

It might seem cliche but a large timeline is often used in homeschooling. But, sometimes moms shy away from purchasing them due to cost. But, The Giant American History Timeline is both affordable and comprehensive and offers a hands-on way for kids to learn the history.

“The Giant American History Timeline helps students to distill their learning in an approachable way.” – Heather from Blog, She Wrote

Why Homeschool Planet is the Best Planner for Homeschool Moms

Homeschooling can quickly stress out even the most organized mom. But, having a planner that keeps not only school planned but also helps to organize the planning for home and life brings peace of mind to moms.

As soon as I logged into Homeschool Planet I could see that the program is completely user-friendly. I clicked on the calendar and easily added myself and all of the kids. I quickly started setting up our schedules, assignments, field trips, appointments and more!” – Lee at Like Minded Musings

Online Safety Device for Your Family

Every mom knows that online safety is incredibly important for their family. But, most of us have no idea what to do in order to protect our kids. That’s where the Gryphon Router can help. It allows you to take control of the family’s use of the internet offering protection in a variety of ways.

“Gryphon is a powerful yet convenient approach to online safety. Gryphon combines a high-performance WiFi router and a simple-to-use smartphone app, making it easy for parents to manage the connected home from anywhere.” – Amy at Rock Your Homeschool

Tap a Maple Tree Kit

Sometimes the best gift for a mom is an activity that the whole family can be a part of. This Tap a Maple Tree Kit gives both parents and kids a hands-on activity that is fun, and offers a delicious resource the whole family will enjoy.

“This made it super easy to make our maple syrup because they did most of the legwork for us!” – Michelle at Homeschool Your Boys

Biblical Board Game for the Whole Family

Anytime you can bring the family around the table and they can work together you know you’ve made a mom happy! And, this board game is designed that the whole family works together to beat the game.

“This game is unique in that all players play on one team. Yes, that’s right. You are working together to win the game.” – Renee at Great Peace

Curiosity Stream Subscription

Every homeschool mom needs a break from time to time. But, they want to be sure the kids don’t miss out on learning. Curiosity Stream offers high quality, educational videos that can provide a much needed relief for the homeschooling mom. She can find just the right documentary for the kids to watch while she takes a break and has a cup of coffee in the next room.

“We have fallen in love with Curiosity Stream over here! I love that I have quality educational programming at my fingertips. My children are fascinated by the content, and I am confident knowing that they are learning. ” – Cait at My Little Poppies

Sleep Help with Dreampad

One thing that every mom needs is more sleep. Sometimes she doesn’t get enough sleep because she has a little one who struggles with insomnia, nightmares, or tummy aches. But, moms often can’t sleep because they worry about kids, husbands, or finances. This incredible pillow can be used by any member of the family who struggles to fall asleep. It’s called Dream Pad and it’s a pillow with a build in audio device that can be set to a variety of sounds and music to help the listener to gently fall to sleep.

“Since we first began using the Dreampad, it has now become part of Joe’s nightly bedtime routine. Anytime I need him to mellow out, we arrange a cozy little spot and turn the Dreampad on.” – Kendra at Preschoolers and Peace

Scripture Lullabies

Another gift that can help family members to get some sleep is Scripture Lullabies. These music CDs will become a family heirloom that will be passed through generations. The lovely music can bring calmness to a child and help them to fall asleep and when little ones sleep, it makes life so much easier for mom.

“The music itself is absolutely beautiful and crystal clear. Most children would find it a calming background for settling into bed at night or nap-time.” – Judy from Contented at Home



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Renée Brown is a homeschooling mom to her advanced learning son, blogger, author, and she works online as a virtual assistant. She writes regularly on her blog about homeschooling an only child gifted learner, home and family life, developing and strengthening Christian marriages, and encouragement for living a Christian life.

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