Morning Time with High Schoolers

One of the hallmarks of our home education journey has been our steady use of Morning Time in our homeschool. Today I'd like to share how I include my teens in this intentional daily gathering time. Morning Time or as we like to call it, Morning Basket is a way to...

Summer Reading for Homeschool Teens

Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re like many moms, you may be wondering how to get the kids off of technology and into a book once in a while, right? This is my “how-to guide” for summer reading for teens.

Simple Steps to Preventing High School Burnout for Homeschoolers

How do you go about preventing burnout in your high school students? Helping your teen stay off the burnout train in high school is a task that will test many home educating parents. As you transition into the high school years from middle school, it’s important to remember that your teen is used to you being there for them guiding them through their studies and in the high school years things tend to become much more burdensome for your student as the attempt to keep track of all they are juggling on their plate.

25 Activities & Resources for Teens Interested in Engineering Careers

The word engineer is derived from the Latin words ingeniare (“to contrive, devise”) and ingenium (“cleverness”). Today, engineering is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In anticipation of Engineers Week next month, I’m delighted to share with you 25 activities and resources to help you teach engineering concepts to teens.

10 Tips to Help You Start Homeschooling High School

Whether you’ve been homeschooling for years or are just starting out, you will find the high school years challenging, but richly rewarding. In many ways homeschooling high school is easier than the early years – your teens have developed independent study habits and are taking responsibility for their own learning. So what is your role as a homeschooling parent during these teenage years?

Celebrating Dr. Seuss Day With Your Teens

Dr. Seuss has been a favorite at our house since, well, forever! His creative use of the language appealed to my husband, a theatre major in college, who enjoyed amusing our kids as he read to them while they were young. A quick Google search or a perusal through Pinterest will yield a ton of fun ideas to help you celebrate his birthday (coming up on March 2) with little ones, but you definitely don’t have to give up the party with your middle- or high-school-aged kids, either!

No More SATs? You May Wish To Wait Before You Celebrate

Word on the street, is that colleges will be eliminating or making the SAT or ACT optional for admission. However, before you break out the celebratory bubbly, keep in mind that both are accepted by every college and are not so different from one another as many suggest. Before getting too excited, let’s break down the facts that are not being discussed completely.