Top Homeschool Curriculum (and Why They’re the Best)

There are so many exciting homeschooling curriculum programs out there today. Some of them are well developed, and others are still being developed. They cater to families with online and paper-based preferences. 

They also offer curricula from different religious perspectives (e.g. Christian homeschool curriculum) so you know you’re getting something that aligns with your beliefs.

But, among the hundreds of curriculum programs out there, which ones are the best? That’s what we’re going to be looking at in this article!

(Please be aware that there are affiliate links in this article.)

BJU Press – Homeschool Curriculum Choice if You Want Quality!

I have a soft spot for quality. I like something that offers beautiful workmanship and makes you excited to learn with your children.

And that’s what BJU gives you. It’s about the best quality curriculum you’re going to find these days.

It’s also an offline homeschool program, meaning your kids don’t have to sit in front of a computer screen for hours every day doing their work.

BJU has been making Christian curriculum for many years. They make it for Christian schools and homeschools.

If you want to take a look at the curriculum in more detail, you can find a comprehensive review of BJU here or see a video on BJU here.

Schoolhouse Teachers – Choice and Affordability

If you’re a parent who wants a huge choice of curriculum, you can’t pass up Schoolhouse Teachers (ST). This program offers you a curriculum from more than 200 course creators (no, that wasn’t a typo).

This means that you can choose a curriculum by homeschooling method, or just go with their traditional open-and-go school boxes.

If you want to start with something familiar, you can do that, and then swap into using one of the homeschooling methods you like, such as the Charlotte Mason or Unit Studies methods.

I don’t know if I’ve heard of another homeschooling curriculum that lets you do that!

Other than the massive choice of materials, the other thing I love about ST is that it’s so affordable. The cost of this program is a fraction of the cost of others.

So, it’s worth a look. You can check out a comprehensive review of Schoolhouse Teachers here or look at a video on it here.

Switched-on-Schoolhouse – Everything Done for You!

If you’re a parent who has slightly older children and you don’t have time to sit with your kids for hours each day and learn with them, Switched-on-Schoolhouse by Alpha Omega Publications might just be for you.

Perhaps you’re working from home or you have little kids. Whatever your reason for not having oodles of time, Switched-on-Schoolhouse can help.

That’s because everything is online. This means you don’t have to keep records, and you can see from a glance what your children have been doing. You also don’t have to mark their exams because the program will do that for you.

What about your kids being online all day? Well, you don’t have to worry about that either because, while the program is computer-based, it can be done offline.

How is this possible? It’s possible because the software comes in a USB format, making it computer-based, but it doesn’t rely on the internet for its functioning.

Pretty switched-on-technology, huh.

Memoria Press – Top Homeschool Curriculum Choice for Classical Education

If you’re looking into homeschooling methods and you’ve decided the classical method is the best one for you, you can’t pass up Memoria Press.

This program has been around for decades and has been continually improved over the years.

The whole curriculum is paper-based, meaning you’ll get a package delivered to your door with the curriculum you’ve ordered.

Something I like about this program is that it closely follows the trivium (that is the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages of classical education).

Memoria Press also has a great Latin program that’s won multiple awards. If you’re someone who loves languages, you can learn the Latin component alongside your children!

But, if you love this program, you can look at an extended review of Memoria Press here.

Apologia Science – Top Homeschool Curriculum Choice for Science

Apologia Science is probably the most popular homeschool curriculum for Christian Science. Apologia teaches from a biblical creationist perspective, giving parents exactly what they want.

They aim to give students a reason for the hope they have. They show children how they can be strong Christians and still believe in the Bible.

And that’s why Apologia is so popular today (in fact, I’ve been so surprised at how many homeschools use this program today!).

Easy Peasy All-in-One – The Best Free Choice!

Can you get something for nothing? I believe you can – and Easy Peasy is evidence of that.

The creator of Easy Peasy, Lee Giles, wanted to give families the option of a free homeschool curriculum. By doing so, she’s made homeschooling an affordable option and the cost of a curriculum doesn’t have to be a barrier to home educators who are on a shoe-string budget!

Out of all the free homeschooling curriculum options out there, I believe Easy Peasy is the best one.

Although everything is online, parents can print the material for offline use, making this both an online and offline choice.

Easy Peasy offers parents a homeschooling curriculum from grades K to 12. It also offers electives in the later years. Although there aren’t too many electives available at present, the number is growing as kind parents continue to add to the Easy Peasy library.

You can look at an extended review of Easy Peasy All-in-One here or look at a video of the program here.

ABeka – Another Christian Homeschool Curriculum Option

ABeka and BJU are two similar curricula. Both follow the traditional homeschooling method and both make curriculum for Christian schools.

For many people, it’s a toss-up between these two options. ABeka is slightly cheaper and has been around for a longer time. It also offers an accredited course for no cost, whereas BJU has a slight cost.

I’m more of a fan of BJU’s material due to the layout. But, they are very similar, so you could check this option out too. It’s a popular homeschool curriculum today.

Weaver – Unit Studies by Alpha Omega Publishing

If you’re a fan of hands-on learning, you’ll want to check out the Weaver homeschool curriculum by Alpha Omega Publications.

This curriculum has similar content to Lifepac and Switched-on-Schoolhouse, but because it is Unit Studies, you can do the curriculum simultaneously with children of different ages.

That is, all children are taught the same lessons but they have different assignments of differing difficulties they need to complete. This also means older children can teach younger siblings, creating special bonds in the process.

Because you can use this curriculum with multiple children of differing ages, it’s a good option for large families.

(If you want to know more about Unit Studies – there’s a bit to learn – check out this page on the Unit Studies homeschool method).

The other good thing about Weaver is that it is affordable. You only have to buy a few manuals and you’re set. This said, you will need to supplement the course a little bit, but the bones are there, and you can customize the course more than most.

LifePac – Traditional Curriculum from Alpha Omega

Again, if you’re looking at a traditional curriculum, you should check out LifePac. This Christian homeschool curriculum is part of Alpha Omega Publications and they offer parents around 10 mini textbooks that take students a month to complete.

LifePac is mastery-based learning meaning students need to know the material before they move on.

LifePac is a print publication, and so kids can take the books with them wherever they go, making it useful if you want to be on the move.

This homeschool program has been around for decades and is a reliable, solid Christian choice.

Ambleside Online – Charlotte Mason and Free

If you’re after something affordable, but you want a Charlotte Mason curriculum, you can’t go without checking out Ambleside Online.

And that’s because this Christian homeschooling curriculum is free.

Ambleside offers a complete curriculum with links to many Public Domain living books that you’ll need. If you require help along the way, there are plenty of amazing Facebook groups that can help you get through the material (as you work alongside other families who use Ambleside).

Curriculum by Subject

Sometimes you’re after something very specific, but you can’t quite find out what that is. I’ve compiled a series of articles that might help you narrow down what you’re looking for. Here are lots of different curricula under homeschooling method or other preferences:

The Best Homeschool Curriculum

The best homeschool curriculum for you will entirely depend on your preferences. It will also depend on what’s going to be the best fit for your child.

Homeschooling programs are written for different people at different stages. I hope you can find something you love. If you’d like an extended list of some of the most popular homeschool curriculum programs today (by Google Searches), head to this page. All the best!

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