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Homeschooling can get difficult at times for both parents and children. To ensure the well-being of the entire family, it is essential to find a community like that offers support and access to valuable educational resources.

As more families choose homeschooling, there’s an increase in demand for platforms to make it easier, provide useful resources, and create a sense of community. With homeschoolers will find everything they need to be successful in one spot. homeschooling

Everything You Need To Homeschool

From comprehensive curriculum options to a vibrant homeschooling community, from expert consultations to a secure space for diverse voices, aims to cater to every homeschooling need and aspiration.

What makes it stand out is its dedication to high-quality education, inclusiveness, and building a supportive global community.

“ was created to assist you in determining what you require for your one-of-a-kind and amazing learner.”

— Windy Fama, Features & Benefits is more than a typical homeschool website. It’s a complete system designed to meet the diverse needs of homeschooling families, focusing on delivering an exceptional homeschooling experience. It offers a wide range of unique benefits and features that set it apart as the ultimate one-stop resource.

  • grades k-12
  • homeschool community
  • events and meet ups
  • focus groups for everyone
  • self paced and live classes
  • inquiry-based curriculum
  • expert guidance
  • state laws
  • umbrella school
  • affordable
  • free one year trial

One-stop shop for everything homeschooling aims to be a comprehensive platform that provides resources, support, and curriculum options, making it a one-stop shop for homeschooling families to meet their educational needs.

“I would describe as a social network platform designed just for homeschoolers. It’s a place where you can go for encouragement, resources, education, and so much more!”

Jennifer, Mama Jenn

“ is like a homeschooler’s dream come true – an online platform that offers a wide range of resources, exciting events, and even expert homeschool consultant support.

The journey of homeschooling is not meant to be traveled alone. And that’s what offers to families: a homeschool community!”

Laura, Monkey and Mom

“ is a game-changer for homeschoolers. It provides a platform where you can connect with like-minded individuals, access courses and workshops, engage in vibrant discussions, and plan exciting field trips—all in one place. It’s not just an online community; it’s a supportive ecosystem that elevates your homeschooling journey.”

Ashley, Gathered and Grounded

“What I like about is that it makes home education accessible to those who don’t have a lot of experience with homeschooling or those who, like me, are finding themselves short on time for planning everything from scratch and sifting through all the hundreds of homeschool resources available online. “

Sophie, My Cup Runs Over

Academic Excellence and Curriculum

Providing a high-quality education while homeschooling is a top priority for many parents. supports homeschooling parents in delivering academically sound curricula and resources to ensure the best possible education for their children.

“One of the big things that set apart from other homeschool communities is that they share exclusively academically sound, research-backed K-12 resources and materials.”

Sara, Techie Homeschool Mom

“The lessons themselves are fun and engaging. I was honestly expecting fairly basic lessons, but they’re not at all. They are well thought out and the teaching materials are colorful and fun.”

Christine, This Homeschool House

“With a strong emphasis on global citizenship and academic excellence from a homeschool stance, I couldn’t wait to dive into both the web based platform and the app. And… it’s wonderful!”

Cristal, Mama Sweet Baby

Diversity, Support, and Community

Aside from the support and guidance offered, homeschooling communities should be inclusive and respectful of diverse backgrounds and beliefs. strives to create a welcoming and moderated space for homeschooling families to connect, share experiences, and access resources while respecting diverse viewpoints.

“As a secular homeschooler, I am delighted to let you know that the platform is in fact secular as are the curriculum, resources, and tips. However, there is a Faith-Based Homeschooling interest group that is for Christian homeschoolers. I have been assured by the founders that all topics on religion will be in the interest group only and will not carry over into the other areas of the platform.”

Stephanie, Happily Homegrown

“I think the thing that makes unique is the way that it provides administrative support alongside its homeschool programs. For many parents, tackling the paperwork, transcripts, and other administrative tasks can be the most daunting aspect of homeschooling. offers a range of services to lighten this load.

I love the way that’s global reach offers a valuable resource to homeschooling families, especially those living abroad. “

Sarah, Homeschooling 4 Him

“I like the support and comprehensiveness of I also like that it’s an all-in-one place for homeschoolers nationwide (you can check the laws by state). The option to upgrade to the umbrella school feature is a fantastic resource because it leaves all the heavy lifting when dealing with the school board or school district to them.”

Kimberly, A Family Devoted

A Hub for All Homeschoolers is an affordable homeschooling hub, offering a supportive community for parents to connect, share experiences, and find inspiration. It provides curated curriculum options and access to expert advice, simplifying the complexities of homeschooling. This ensures that families can focus on their children’s education and well-being while enjoying the benefits of a comprehensive homeschooling resource.


About the author

Laura is a homeschool mom from Europe, raising a STEM-gifted boy.
Homeschooling a gifted kid is sometimes difficult, but seeing her son flourish in this environment is worth it.
Over at Monkey and Mom she wants to help homeschool families from around the world find the best materials by testing them out in her homeschool.

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