Math Learning Tools For Homeschoolers You May Not Know About

Teaching math in homeschool is rarely a pleasant experience. From multiplication memorization to algebraic equations math can be a tear-filled time in the homeschool. But, it doesn’t have to be. There are math learning tools that can take the stress out of math learning.

Math Learning Tools For Homeschoolers You May Not Know About

But, with so many math curriculum and tools in the homeschool market chances are there are many math learning tools that you may no know about.

Math Learning Tools to Consider for Your Homeschool

Math Learning Fun in your Mailbox

Supplement your child’s math learning and build skills with this math subscription box from Discovery Learning. Your kids will build math confidence each month as they work through these books that get delivered right to your door. Simply select from levels 1-5 which span ages 4-12, choose a monthly, 5 month, or 10 month subscription and you’ll start getting these fantastic math discovery boxes for your kids. Learn more about A Discovery Learning Math Subscription from Dachelle at Hide the Chocolate.

Discovery Learning Math Subscription is a spiral approach to math. Because these two approaches can complement each other so well, we found using Discovery Learning Math Subscription once a week enhanced our math curriculum. It also relieves that nagging feeling of “Are there any gaps in our learning?””

Teach Math Multiplication Facts through Game Play

Learning the multiplication table can be one of the most difficult tasks there is. But anytime you can make learning fun through game play you can ease the struggle and take the frustration out of fact-based memorization. Sallie Borrink shares how HoliMath X Multiplication Practice Math Game can help children become more fluid with their multiplication facts.

HoliMaths X is designed in such a way that it offers so many options for kids at all ability levels and works for kids who are at varying stages of learning their multiplication facts.”

Outsourcing Math Because Each Child Learns Differently

We all know that our children are different. We all know that each child learns differently. Yet, how often do we buy one curriculum expecting it to work with all of our children. We do this to save money, but what if the program you bought for your oldest isn’t working with your youngest?  That’s why it’s important to consider outsourcing math instruction using a program that adapts to each child’s needs. Cait from My Little Poppies explains why CTC MATH’s online learning is a great solution for Homeschoolers.

CTC Math is flexible as it provides access to all grade levels. This means that if you have a gifted learner, you are free to move ahead with ease. You can skip what you already know or even dabble in something well above grade-level just for fun. Also, if you have a child who struggles with math, you can stay on one topic for as long as you’d like. You can replay and practice previously learned concepts with ease.

Math Tutor Video Game

Kids love video games. They just do. Rather than always fighting against their desire to play consider using it to help develop their math skills. Meghan at Education Possible shares how she used DragonBox Algebra to build up her teens algebra skills. DragonBox has game apps for all ages and skill levels from basic math numbers to high school level geometry.

“… after using DragonBox Algebra for a few weeks my kids asked if we could purchase DragonBox Elements to help them review geometry concepts. We did purchase it and they are enjoying it as much as the algebra games!”

Help for Tried & True Math Curriculum

Saxon is a math curriculum that has been used my many homeschooling families successfully for many years. Yet, it is comprehensive in its entire scope and able to prepare students for their adult life. Yet, many families struggle with it. But, did you know you can have help that’s affordable from an online math tutor? Alicia from The Learning Well Community discusses how Nicole the Math Lady is like Hitting the Easy Button on Saxon Math instruction.

“For us, hiring a math tutor each day is not feasible. And here’s the best part about Nicole the Math Lady…her membership is only $49/year! If you have more than one child in middle school, it’s only $79/year for your whole family!”

Which of these math learning tools are you most intrigued by? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.


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