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Good technology classes teach kids how to safely and efficiently use computers. And while it’s difficult to choose among the multitude of programs available, you want to look for classes that teach kids real coding while being fun and engaging.

MYTEK LAB: Affordable Technology Classes

Technology has never been easier to learn than with MYTEK LAB. They offer a variety of courses to guide your student on the path to real programming and more.

“We take learning seriously but we also think it should be fun :-).”


Some of MYTEK LAB‘s most notable features and why it made it to our iHN Featured Favorite list are:

  • taught by experienced teachers
  • weekly live classes, with recordings available
  • aimed at middle and high school
  • customized help
  • affordable classes
  • cover many topics from pixel art, web design, programming, robotics, and many more
  • free accounts and tools to use

MYTEK LAB is perfect for either introducing technology to kids or taking them beyond block coding.

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Real programming skills

With MYTEK LAB, kids learn real programming skills that are used by programmers worldwide. From troubleshooting to actually understanding what the lines of code mean, your kids will work through it all.

“This was a perfect fit. […] the class really took things to a new level and helped him apply the coding skills in ways that he probably hadn’t thought of.”

– Monica, Mommy Maestra

“MYTEK LAB promised to have my son writing code, the type of code I see my husband the programmer writing […]. MYTEK LAB classes give your kids coding experience and at the end of their class, they’ll have created a portfolio they can show off.”

– Ticia, Adventures in a Messy Life

“Taking technology courses through MYTEK LAB breaks the mindset that electronic devices are simply around to offer some type of entertainment. Instead, your child will learn how to use, make, produce, create, and build with technology.”

– Mary, Simply Be Wild and Free

“Programming also gives him positive time on the computer […] an opportunity to interact with technology with purpose. It allows him to be an active rather than passive user of technology.

– Destiny, Some Call It Destiny

“We have used many coding classes and programming games […] but MYTEK LAB offered something more. They actually taught coding that could be used in the real world.”

– Clare, Homeschool of 1

MYTEK LAB is flexible

With both live classes and recorded access, kids can work at their own pace. Homeschool families love the flexibility and scheduling options.

“The fact that they are recorded is HUGE for us! We have a busy schedule […]
What is wonderful about the MYTEK LAB platform is that you don’t have to turn your camera on, your kids don’t even have to talk.”

– Heidi, Starts At Eight

“I love how flexible MYTEK LAB classes are. […] Stephen is great at adjusting as he goes. He noticed that some kids had trouble keeping up the pace, so he […] adjusted the pace. “

– Laura, Monkey and Mom

“The classes do not follow the typical format of a lecture followed by a project. In MYTEK LAB the students are able to access and work with the technologies during the class. […] This has a huge advantage for comprehension. “

– Ashley, Life with Moore Learners

Amazing teachers and support

MYTEK LAB is taught by knowledgeable teachers with whom kids love interacting. Learners also get help and support whenever they need to and families love this aspect.

“Mr. MYTEK is such a great teacher. He has a way of explaining the technology concepts to the students so they can easily understand. “

– Jessica, Intentional Life

“[…] both Mr. Souders and his wife Jacky have a way of making kids feel respected and important, which both Weston and I greatly appreciate.”

– Judy, Meaningful Homeschooling

“MYTEK LAB knows how to teach, so kids will remember what they learn […]
This course encourages kids to use their own brains while exploring the world of technology with a helpful coach by their side […].”

– Marla, Jump into Genius

“That type of humility, to model mistakes, is such an important piece! […] after Stephen showed the class one of his mistakes, she has been less hard on herself if she struggles with a project.”

– Aurie, Our Good Life

No prior knowledge or parent involvement needed

MYTEK LAB is so easy to implement since it doesn’t assume prior knowledge of technology for beginners, nor does it require parental involvement other than setting your kids up for the classes.

“I love that the MYTEK LAB instructors are proficient in this area of technology and are able to teach my kids a subject area that I am not able to.”

– Elizabeth, That Homeschool Family

“While I have no idea where to even begin with these topics, MYTEK LAB does a wonderful job of carefully introducing them in a way that is engaging for my son.”

– Shawna, Different by Design

“Everything is user-friendly, perfect for independent learning. I think my 11 year old could use the site every day and never get bored […].”

– Ashley, Forgetful Momma

“MYTEK LAB makes it so easy for homeschool parents to include technology classes as a part of their lessons. I love that I didn’t need to spend any time planning lessons or gathering supplies for my kids to use MYTEK LAB.”

– Sarah, Homeschooling 4 Him

Kids and parents love MYTEK LAB

MYTEK LAB allows kids to express themselves while learning. A lot of families were impressed with the quality of this program and learners were motivated to create more outside the classes. There’s even a social aspect that many kids found helpful.

I appreciate this safe environment that MYTEK LAB has created! […]my son has gone from not being able to turn on the computer to creating some pretty awesome pixel art!”

– Erin, Nourishing My Scholar

“The truth about using MYTEK LAB in your homeschool is your children will become addicted. “

– Christine, Blooming Brilliant

“Watching my daughter get excited about creating a tiny block […] made me realize how much creativity it takes to design a game or any software.”

– Dachelle, Hide the Chocolate

“I like being able to share what I’m making and interact with other users. The community and feedback are nice, but it’s also fun to help others with their projects and enjoy what they’ve created.[…]These are my people […]”

– Emily, Table Life Blog

“It honestly makes me so very happy seeing him passionate about something he really enjoys!”

– Jennifer, Mama Jenn


About the author

Laura is a homeschool mom from Europe, raising a STEM-gifted boy.
Homeschooling a gifted kid is sometimes difficult, but seeing her son flourish in this environment is worth it.
Over at Monkey and Mom she wants to help homeschool families from around the world find the best materials by testing them out in her homeschool.

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