10 Learning Games for Preschoolers to Enjoy

10 Learning Games for Preschoolers to Enjoy

Do you need to keep your preschoolers occupied while homeschooling older siblings? These learning games for preschoolers are great for reinforcing math and literacy skills. Plus, you’ll score cool mom points!


1. Zingo

One of my friends gifted us with this fun preschool learning game years ago. You can work on literacy skills and matching in this fast paced bingo style game. It has two levels and can accommodate up to 8 players. There’s also a Zingo 1-2-3 and What’s Gnu for your older preschooler moving into kindergarten.

2. Spot It, Jr.

Want to work on your preschooler’s attention to detail while having fun? We love this Spot it Jr game. Each round card has 6 animals in different sizes – there’s always one match between every card. My boys love playing the ‘speed round’ version, where they race to spot the match first, while my toddler likes to point out the animals that he knows. You can play different variations of the game, with up to 6 players.

There’s also Spot It Alphabet and Spot It Numbers and Shapes

3. Rory’s Story Cubes

Encouraging your child’s creativity and storytelling abilities is easy with Story Cubes. It’s not listed as a preschool learning game, but we’ve utilized it in our house to help spark our preschooler’s imagination.

Each cube has a picture -roll them individually or in a group and let your child’s imagination take flight! We like to video our children’s stories, or write them down to read back to them later. Other versions include Voyages and Actions. Recommended for ages 8 and up but we’ve used them with preschoolers and kindergarteners.

4. Where is Howie’s Owie?

Calling all future doctors! This preschool learning game reviews parts of the body, helping children to learn body parts and vocabulary. Ages three and up.

5. Camelot Jr

Strategy learning games are a favorite around here and can start in the early preschool years. In this game of castle logic, children have to solve the castle challenges to bring the prince and princess together. Ages 4 and up.

Other versions of preschool and early elementary strategy games:
Day and Night
Trucky 3
Hide and Seek Pirates

6. Haba First Orchard

Get your tiniest preschoolers involved in preschool learning games with Haba’s My Very First Orchard Game. The pieces are large, designed for little hands to learn and explore. Ages 2 and up.

7. Eebo Go Fish

We recently discovered card games as a huge source of fun and learning for my littles. These Go Fish cards from Eebo are even shaped like a fish! My kids still have trouble not showing their cards to each other, so we use this card holder.

Other card game favorites:
Old Maid
Crazy Eights

8. Hoot Owl, Hoot

Part of the problem in my home with preschool learning games is the disappointment when one of my super competitive children lose.


In Hoot Owl, Hoot, players work together in teams to help the owls fly back to the nest before the sun rises. The cooperative game environment is less stressful for kids and moms!

Mom Tip: If you spy any Peaceable Kingdom games at a secondhand store or yard sale, snap them up. Peaceable Kingdom will replace any missing pieces for free! Don’t forget to sign up for the birthday club, too!

9. Magnetibook Crazy Face

Need a quieter approach to games for your preschooler? I found this magnetic game, perfect for keeping your preschooler engaged and working on fine motor skills while you’re cooking dinner or even traveling with the family. Geared for ages 3 and up, your child can match the cards provided or use the props for free play.

It’s also available in different versions: Vehicles, Girl’s Outfits and more!

10. Bunny Peek a Boo

Start your little learners off right with this 3D logic game designed for players as young as two. Younger children can explore concepts like above and below, while older preschoolers can work on solving the 60 challenges included.

What about you? What are your favorite preschool learning games?

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  1. Love this list! We have so many of them, but will be adding a few to our Wishlist! Thanks for sharing!

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