Back to Homeschool Gift Baskets

iHomeschool Network Back to Homeschool Gift Basket Event

34 homeschool bloggers have joined together to provide one massive back-to-homeschool basket giveaway! Take a peek around these 34 sites and enter to win as many baskets as you like. Each blogger is conducting her own giveaway, so you never know…you may end up winning more than one! All giveaways will be live on Monday, August 17.

(1) History Timeline Gift Basket from Amy
(2) History Basket Giveaway from Janeen
(3) Getting Ready for Back to School with ThinkFun from Caitlin
(4) Homeschool Gift Basket from Silver Dolphin
(5) Handbook of Nature Study from Barb

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(6) Harmony Fine Arts from Barb
(7) All About Art from Krista
(8) Kid’s Choice Basket from Emily
(9) Back to Homeschool Basket of Grace for Mom from Lara
(10) Homeschool Year in a Basket from Stephanie

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(11) Horse Lover’s Literature Unit Study (hosted by Circle C Adventures) from Susan
(12) Tools that will Get your Teen Excited about Cooking from Megan and Susan
(13) Homeschool Curriculum Choices Basket Giveaway from Tricia
(14) Geography Basket from Alicia
(15) 3rd Grade Homeschool Year in a Basket Giveaway from Heidi

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(16) Essential STEM Supplies from Brenda
(17) US Geography for Young Learners Giveaway from Monica
(18) Mixed Media Art Basket from Alisha
(19) Creative Girls Gift Basket from Sara
(20) Young Pony Lover’s Reading Unit Study (hosted by Circle C Beginnings) from Susan

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(21) Boy’s Gold-Rush Adventure Literature Unit Study  (hosted by Goldtown Adventures) from Susan
(22) Back to School Bible Study Basket Giveaway from LaToya
(23) Travel Around the World with a Back to School Giveaway from Eva
(24) Back to School Shopping Spree! from Sallie
(25) Back to School Homeschool Basket from Jen

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(26) “Strong Mom” Gift Basket from Jamie
(27) Homeschool Organization Back To School Basket from Tina
(28) Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Back to School Giveaway from Cindy
(29) Back to School Geography Giveaway from Heather
(30) Organized Homeschooler Back to School Giveaway from Amy

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(31) A Charlotte Mason Style Middle School Basket from Michelle
(32) Crafty Classroom Gift Basket from Classroom Direct
(33) Back to School Art and Drawing Basket from Selena
(34) Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art from Tricia


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August 1, 2015