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Gift Baskets 2016 Collage

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52 homeschool bloggers have joined together to provide one massive back-to-homeschool basket giveaway! Take a peek around these 52 sites and enter to win as many baskets as you like. Each blogger is conducting her own giveaway, so you never know…you may end up winning more than one! All giveaways will be live on Monday, August 15.

(1) Our Favorite Literature by Milk and Cookies
(2) Civitas Family Game Night Basket by Bright Ideas Press
(3) Back to Homeschool Giveaway by Blog, She Wrote
(4) Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Giveaway by Starts at Eight
(5) Geography Basket For All Ages by Classic Housewife
(6) A Collection of Disney Luxuries for Mom by Education Possible
(7) A Few of My Favorite Things by Family Style Homeschooling
(8) Nature Study Through Art Bag by Weller Momma
(9) Back to School Shopping Spree Giveaway by Sallie Borrink
(10) Family Fitness Fun by Mama Teaches
(11) All About Art Basket by Table Life
(12) The Homeschool Sisters’ Favorite Books by The Homeschool Sisters Podcast
(13) A Gift Basket for High School @ Home by BJ’s Homeschool Encouragement
(14) Writing & Journaling Gift Basket by Sprouting Tadpoles
(15) Nature Journaling Giveaway by Faithful With the Little
(16) Art Study Coloring Book Basket Giveaway by Look! We’re Learning
(17) Super Science and More Basket by Great Peace Academy
(18) Alicia’s Favorite Things Gift Basket by Investing Love
(19) Homeschooling Kindergarten (Math, Reading, Science, and More) by Line Upon Line Learning
(20) Science Workbooks & Elementary Math DVDs Giveaway Basket by Busy Boys Brigade
(21) Art Appreciation Basket by Flourish
(22) Mom’s Back to Homeschool Gift Basket by Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling
(23) Homeschool Organization Motivation: 11 Gadgets To Get You Going by Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus
(24) STEM Basket by Teach Beside Me
(25) Preschool Play by Faith Filled Parenting
(26) Cultivate a Love of Beauty in Your Homeschool by Everyday Graces
(27) ThinkFun Back To School Basket by My Little Poppies
(28) Mom’s Break Time Gift Basket by Embracing Destiny
(29) How to Build a Connection with Nature in Your Homeschool by Eva Varga
(30) At-Home Mom Retreat Basket by 2:1 Conference
(31) Eclectic Learning by From the Desk of Adena F.
(32) Eclectic Homeschool Fun by Raising Lifelong Learners
(33) John Grishom Adventure Pack for Tweens by The Kennedy Adventures
(34) All About Reading Level 1 Basket by All About Learning Press
(35) Explore the World This Year by Pat and Candy
(36) Harmony Fine Arts and Draw Squad Bundle by Harmony Fine Arts
(37) A Grace-Filled Home Basket by Amy’s Wandering
(38) Explore the World Through Literature Giveaway by Enjoy the Learning
(39) Fall in Love with American Sign Language by Rochelle Barlow
(40) Catholic Kids Back to School Basket by The Kennedy Adventures
(41) New Millennium Girls Language Bundle by New Millennium Girl Books
(42) Poetry Teatime Starter Kit by Homeschooling Without Training Wheels
(43) Circle C Milestones Literature Unit Study by Circle C Adventures
(44) Boy’s Gold-Rush Adventure Literature Unit Study by Circle C Adventures
(45) Young Pony Lover’s Reading Unit Study by Circle C Adventures
(46) Horse Lover’s Literature Unit Study by Circle C Adventures
(47) Favorite Fast and Fun Games by The Hmmmschooling Mom
(48) For the Birds! by Handbook of Nature Study
(49) My Favourite Things for Back to Homeschool by Up Above the Rowan Tree
(50) Sensory Resources Gift Basket by Mama of Many Blessings
(51) Back to Homeschool Planning Giveaway by Sam’s Noggin
(52) Tween Girls Book Basket by The Kennedy Adventures

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  1. This is a fantastic basket to start the school year off! My favorite item is the Give Your Child the World. When coupled with Jamie’s read around the world online resources, this is a resource that is pretty hard to beat! We have been participating all summer!

  2. It is very important to teach my children to draw…. it is part of creativity, individuality, self-worth, opens both right and left brain. It is part of art education in homeschooling yet it is also used in sciences, library, social studies, languages, math, reading, even in music. Drawing is awesome. It does not have to be complicated to teach. Make your own board game, work on a story picture together, make special occasion cards, make a t-shirt for each other using markers and draw pictures on them. Dream and think outside of any box that you have limited yourself to and allow your child to do the same, then add on art concepts every once in a while. From those concepts, create together.

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