7 Awesome Ways to Use Email to Help Students Learn

7 Awesome Ways to Use Email to Help Students Learn

Are you looking to try something new and fun into your homeschool classroom? Using email in your classroom can put a different spin on learning while allowing your children to use technology. Here are seven awesome ways you can use email as a learning tool:

Learn How to Use Email

Email will be used for personal and business matters. Showing your kids how to use e-mail will help them learn a skill they will need in the future. Teach them how to add new contacts, or attach images.

Improve Vocabulary

Using e-mail can teach students how to spell, and use proper grammar. Unlike text, kids should be taught that they do not use abbreviated and incorrectly spelled words while using email. Be sure to point out the differences between casual writing and proper grammar so kids understand when it’s appropriate to use each.

Give Pop Quizzes

You can use email as a fun way to deliver a pop quiz. While some students don’t enjoy pop quizzes, they’ll be more excited if you say “Log into your email account to access the pop quiz for today!”

Get to Know You

You can send your child a list of fun questions to get to know them better. Send the list at the beginning of the year and another one at the end, to see how things have changed throughout the year.

Write a Class Story

With your children or homeschool group, start a story writing email chain. Have students write several sentences of a story, email to another student, who will then write a few more lines to the story. Repeat for every student in the class and then work together to add images to complete the story.

Learn About Family History

Task students with learning more about their ancestors and family. Use email to get in touch with grandparents, aunts and uncles to ask questions about family past.

Learning Scavenger Hunt

Email your students a list of things to find (for example: a tree, a flower, a red pen) and have them take photos of each item and then e-mail them to you. You could tie this into a specific lesson or unit that you are working on. Kids will love the chance to get out and learn in an interactive way!

Not only do kids love receiving emails on their e-mail account, but reading emails can also help in reading and vocabulary skills. KidsEmail is a great email service that provides a safe e-mail account for kids to use technology and be totally safe from strangers, spam and ads! Using email is a safe and fun way for kids to build their confidence in a technologically driven world!


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Jennifer McDonnow is the Administrative Assistant at KidsEmail.org. She is the content writer of Kids Email blog and helps manage their social media accounts. Being a mom of two, she finds it important to provide helpful content to other parents in hopes to help in keeping more kids safe online.

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  1. What a great way to integrate technology into the classroom. I love the class story idea! It’s the perfect way to get students engaged in writing while using something they can relate to. Thanks so much for sharing these tips on #shinebloghop this week 🙂

  2. What a great idea to teach children using the modern approach in teaching writing. It will also help children to communicate with “email pals”. They don’t need to wait longer for their email response from overseas. Thank you for sharing at Talk it Up Thursday.

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