Summer Fun Family Activities for Homeschoolers

Summer is the BEST time of year! Being able to be outside without the bulk of winter coats is pure delight! Summer is an excellent time of year to participate in some fun family activities. There are so many things to do; I thought I would share some of our families favorites.

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Summer Fun Family Activities for Homeschoolers

Farmer’s Markets

We enjoy hitting up the local farmers markets and supporting our local farmers. Farmers markets are full of local produce, soaps, honey and much more. Pick out a fruit or vegetable you have never had, and you might find a new favorite.

Bike Rides

Going for a family bike ride is not only fun, but it is a great way to get some exercise too. Set a goal and work towards it. Last year we set a goal of being able to ride our bikes to the ice cream shop. It would be the longest ride our kids had done, but after a couple of weeks of going for rides to build endurance, they were ready. They earned a sweet treat for their hard work, and we created fun memories as well.

Water Balloon Fight

Last year I stumbled upon these water balloons. Let me tell you; they are worth their weight in gold. We had hundreds of water balloons filled in only a couple of minutes. We all had a great time running around in the yard peppering each other with balloons. If water balloon fights are not your thing, have a water toss competition.

Outdoor Movie

If you don’t have access to an outdoor theater, check with your city’s parks and rec department. Several have started putting on outdoor movies for free or a nominal fee.  With the vast line-up of movies that came out this year already, there is bound to be a flick that you would love to see outdoors. Personally, I can’t wait for an outdoor showing of The Greatest Showman so I can belt out the songs with no abandon.


Family hikes are another great resource for exercise, and you can also incorporate some nature study. We have found these pamphlets very resourceful during our hikes to identify birds and insects. Another great thing to do on a hike is to see if there are any Letterboxing locations.

Outdoor Concerts

Whether you prefer music from the 60’s the 80’s or Country, you are sure to be able to find an outdoor music concert that the whole family can enjoy. Many towns put on free concerts! What better way to enjoy a summer evening with the family?

Park N Play

This idea I learned from a friend of mine years ago, and it is a favorite. We drive to a park playground, set a timer for a random amount of time usually between five and fifteen minutes and the kids run and play until the timer goes off.  When the timer goes off, we hop back in the car and drive to another playground and repeat the process. We hit several different parks, and the kids love it! Make sure to bring cold water so they can rehydrate on the ride to the next playground.

Go to the Beach

Whether you have access to an ocean or a lake, being near water has a soothing effect. When we need a chill day, you will find us near one of the local lakes. Dirt in our toes and a good book in our hands – nothing better.


Ok, so this isn’t outside, which makes it the perfect thing to do when it is raining. The Kids Bowl Free program has been a life saver for days when we can’t do anything outside.

Summer Bucket List

The ultimate summer family fun activity is incorporating these ideas and many others into a Summer Bucket List for your family. You can add things that you already know you will be doing like camping, a fair, miniature golf, etc. There are so many activities you can add to your list. We have enjoyed tackling our summer bucket lists for the last few years.

What are some of your summer fun family activities? Please share!


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