Where to Find Books for Summer Homeschool Reading

Whether you are a homeschooler who takes the entire summer off, or one who schools year round, or you fall somewhere in between, chances are you do encourage your kids to use their summer time to grow their reading skills. Summer reading can be fun, and adventurous, as kids hang out in tree houses and hammocks with their soda pop and imaginations. Or, it can be a time for developing their own passions by allowing them to explore their own interests.

Where to Find Books for Summer Homeschool Reading

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They can soar through the air with Peter Pan or fly off into the unknown with a biographical story about Amelia Earhart. Learning can come in many forms. But allowing a child to read offers them the freedom to learn through imagination.

My own son was always more fascinated by non-fiction than he was by fiction during his younger years. So I filled his summer reading life with books about math, science and history. Now, in his teen years he’s begun to develop a love for fantasy fiction such as Christopher Paolini’s Eragon Series.

So whatever style of learning your child enjoys, whatever way they desire to read, use summer to allow children to read those things that inspire, delight and motivate them to open up a good book.

Here’s 10 Places to Find Books for Summer Reading

Books don’t just have to be boring reading, they can be active, and brain developing, like these Spot the Difference: Art Books from Dover Publications. 

“These books are just the kind of things I look for to create an enjoyable learning experience for my kids.” – Karyn from Teach Beside Me

Making History Fun for Girls with Aunt Claire Presents and embolden them to be all they can be at the same time.


It couldn’t be more fun! When kids get something in the mail they are OVER THE MOON! So Cultivate a Love for Reading with Fun For Kidz Magazines are perfect for non-pressure summer reading activities as they hang out in the back yard, by the pool, or even the baseball field while a sibling plays ball.

“They are filled with really interesting educational information! It’s super engaging because it was designed FOR kids!” – Marlene at A Diligent Heart

Use Summer to Teach Teens about Government with Government Activity Books for High School from Dover Publications

“These hands-on activity books are perfect for all ages, but especially for high school students who are studying Government.” – Susan’s Homeschool Blog

Sometimes, kids struggle to read, or have a desire to read fiction. But you can Spark a Love for Reading with Audio Dramas with Heirloom Audio. Let them learn by listening and allowing their mind to simply focus on the story rather than on the reading.

“It wasn’t long before he was totally invested in the story. I could tell because he would begin to hum along with the musical score. He’d gasp and get excited appropriately as the excitement of battles took place. Listening with him reminded me of when I was a little girl and my older sister and I would lay in bed and listen to radio dramas.” – Renée at Great Peace

Allow your science loving kids to explore the History of Science this summer with Beautiful Feet 

“Studying the history of science allows us to see how scientific knowledge has been growing and building over the centuries. We learn about the men and women who were curious enough about the natural world that they observed, hypothesized, and experimented to find answers.” – Marci at The Homeschool Scientist

Young Readers will Love These Interactive Books with Scanorama Books by Silver Dolphin Books and they’ll enjoy being able to be actively hands-on with their books.

“This special feature has been a great way to keep little hands busy during our reading time.  Instead of playing with loud toys or touching a brother (“Mom, he’s in my bubble!”), my younger boys gladly wait their turn to experience the x-ray scanner.” – Amy at Rock Your Homeschool

Summer is a great time for Getting Your Hands Dirty with a Gardening Unit Study from Candlewick Press. Plus, it gets kids outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.

“While we don’t use unit studies all year long, I love to insert them into our curriculum when we’re needing a little lift from the regular routine.” – Betsy at Family Style Schooling

This adorable little electron will Ignite a Love of Chemistry in Your Kids with Eddie the Electron. 

“My kids loved Eddie! They were fascinated by how small he is, and by how quickly he moves. At the same time, Eddie had them laughing! Learning plus laughter is a win in my book, folks!” – Cait at My Little Poppies

We don’t want to leave mom out of the summer reading! With Fun Ways to Teach Shakespeare in Your Homeschool with How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, by Ken Ludwig you’ll be inspired to bring some Bard humor into your home, family, and homeschooling lifestyle.

“We’ve had so much fun trying to outdo each other with our fabulous memorization skills. And we have laughed out loud at the author’s humor which is apparent throughout the book.” – Alisha at Flourish


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