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You did it! Well, most of you did. For many homeschooling families, the coming of June marks the end of the academic year and beginning of summer break. Doesn’t it feel good to know that you’ve successfully made it through another school year?
Of course, the learning never ends. Life is learning and summer is no exception. It might just look different. It might look like life skills learning such as; lighting a charcoal fire for grilling out or setting up a tent in the backyard, chasing lightning bugs or lawn care. Then again, it might look a bit like field trips as you travel cross-country for a family vacation.
Whatever way your family is spending your summer break, we hope you take a bit of time to relax and enjoy time spent as a family.
“Summer break doesn’t mean our homeschool stops spinning.  Learning time is different, family time is relaxed and fun, and we’re making memories!  Ah, summer.” – Cindy West, Our Journey Westward
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Our themed mini-magazine filled with that little extra pop of inspiration to keep summer learning going. You’ll discover fun tips for sneaking in summer learning, ideas for inexpensive science, and a summer wellness series for families.